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August 10, 2023

Mel Reid

London, England, UK

Mixed Zone

Q. Talk about hitting the opening tee shot in the AIG Women's Open.

MEL REID: Hitting the opening in the Women's British Open is special. It's a nice accolade -- is that the right word? Look at me go. Honestly it was really cool. That was really cool for me.

It was nice, my mates got up, a couple of my family members drove down, getting up in the middle of the night is tough, especially when you're getting on a bit like me and I have to warm the body up more than used to. Nice to get done early.

Q. What time did you have to get up?

MEL REID: About 3.30.

Q. Special in your career to do something like that at such a big stage?

MEL REID: It's cool. Not finished yet. Still feel like I've got a lot of golf left in me.

Yeah, I feel like my personal life is in the best place it's been and feel like I'm getting my game back on track. It was rough last year, and nice that the hard work is starting to pay off and this game is -- you have to earn everything. It's not ever given to you, so it's nice to be playing well again.

Q. What's the challenge like out there?

MEL REID: It's tough. They moved 16 up, I don't know why, the par 5. A couple tees they moved up, I wasn't sure why. I don't think they needed to be moved up.

I actually didn't feel like I played that great. I drove the ball really well. Hit one bad drive on 18 and that was it. If you miss the fairway, it's very punishing because you need to get a good lie or you're chipping out 30 yards.

Greens are big and kind of hit middle of the greens, and if you hit a pace putt, you have a chance to score. It can get away very quick if you're not switched on.

I'm one of the longer players which helps but it's pretty long. There's some short holes, but it's pretty long and like I said, the way the bunkers are positioned, you don't need to do a lot wrong, especially if the wind gets up a bit. It's a tough golf course.

I think we've got still a way to go but it's cool that sponsors are get giving us the respect that we deserve and putting their money where their mouth is I guess. The men's game has gone absolutely ridiculous. Catching up with them is going to be a heavy feat. I don't know if it will ever happen, but when I first played the British Open to now, it's astronomically different. It's obviously great now for the girls to be able to come out and make a decent living.

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