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March 10, 1997

Jim Courier


JOE LYNCH: Any questions for Jim

JIM COURIER: Come on, I walked all the way over.

Q. How do you feel about the match and how it went?

JIM COURIER: Well, I am obviously disappointed to lose. More so than I am disappointed in the way I played out there. But, you know, I have to give credit where credit is due. He played a very good match due to what I gave him. I think I gave him a lot of opportunities and he took them like most good players will do.

Q. Did the heat play a factor at all with you today?

JIM COURIER: No. It is much hotter in Florida right now than it is here. So this is actually fine.

Q. Are you 100% healthy?

JIM COURIER: Yeah. I am 100%.

Q. He said the balls were flying around, the balls are lighter, something, did that play a part you think, took him a while?

JIM COURIER: It is the same for both of us; I felt that way too, but, you know, those are -- conditions are conditions and they are the same for both guys. So that doesn't really -- can't factor that in.

Q. What would you factor in from your game that wasn't working today that made it so easy for him?

JIM COURIER: Well, I was hitting the balls shorter than I needed to, and basically, above all, I was a little bit inflexible. When things weren't working, I didn't change. I just kept trying to do what I was doing better and, you know, 6-4 in the third, it is a close match say, a one- or a two-point match. But, that's where the difference comes, when you are able to be a little bit more flexible and change things up and see what is working and what is not working. I didn't do that very well today. That is something for me to work on.

Q. Are you at all a little concerned that maybe you are playing a little too much at the beginning of the season here?

JIM COURIER: There is no question I didn't play the schedule I wanted to play due to going to Brazil it kind of threw a whammy in my schedule. But, I am fine now. I had a nice week at home last week and my body feels good. So, my schedule should be pretty sane from here on in.

Q. Is on-court flexibility something you have been working on with Solomon?

JIM COURIER: On-court flexibility.

Q. Like you were saying before like you needed to tell yourself to change it up a bit if something isn't going your way?

JIM COURIER: It is something that we need to work on right away.

Q. Is it something that you and Harold discussed at the beginning?

JIM COURIER: Harold may talk to you about what we do, but I don't. So, we will just leave it at that. That is why I pay him the big bucks. If I spread the word to you guys then what is the point? That advice is for me and for me to utilize. So....

Q. How are you going to get back to good shape in the French Open this year?

JIM COURIER: How am I going to get back to what?

Q. To be a top player at the French Open this year.

JIM COURIER: Well, David, now that you asked. Basically the key is for me to start playing a little bit wiser on the court. I think there is no problem with the way I am hitting the ball. No problem physically. And, mentally I feel very, very strong out there right now. I just have to play a little bit more thoughtfully. I think -- I am not far away. But, you know, that little bit (indicating inches) means a lot out here because competition is so good.

Q. You still think the French is your best place to win another Slam?

JIM COURIER: There or the U.S. Open.

Q. Last two years of the French have been so strange because you had the rain two years ago; last year was so fast. Does weather affect the French more than any other tournament.

JIM COURIER: I think Wimbledon is where the weather affects the tournament the most because Wimbledon can play -- if it is raining, it can be strictly a serve-and-volley-tournament. And, if it is hot and sunny conditions, like we are having here, then baseliners can get involved in the fray too. The French, I think, you pretty much -- weather is not a huge factor there, I don't think.

Q. Do you get emotional or down on yourself after a loss like this, which I assume you didn't expect this match to go the way it did or do you have to still be philosophical and keep on going?

JIM COURIER: It is a long season. There is really no reason to blow up over something like that. But, it is definitely cause for concern. It is something to look at and hopefully learn from.

Q. As a guy who has won Grand Slams, you are talking about inflexibility almost today like a 17 year old who hasn't had your background and success. Why are you having that problem now?

JIM COURIER: Well, in many ways I am 17 again I am starting with a new coach. And, this is a bit of a rebirth for me. So I have to what is past is past and what is present is here and that is what I have to work on. So, none of these guys are giving me anything because I have won Grand Slams. And it doesn't mean shit to them. And it can't mean shit to me either. I have to go out here and earn it everyday. It is very simple.

Q. Would this result have any bearing on the U.S. chances in that Davis Cup match?

JIM COURIER: Yeah, I think we have no chance. (laughter) Absolutely no chance.

JOE LYNCH: Anything else for Jim?

Q. You might not yourself care about the match tomorrow between Agassi and Philippoussis, but if you had to pick a winner, who would you go for?

JIM COURIER: Well, let's see. Who won the tournament last week? There you go. You never know.

JOE LYNCH: Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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