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July 21, 2023

Cheyenne Knight

Elizabeth Szokol

Midland, Michigan, USA

Midland Country Club

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Did you all know that you have shot the lowest score ever in this format in this tournament?

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: No, I obviously didn't know how low we were going. We were just making a lot of birdies, which you don't expect in alternate shot, but it was super fun.

THE MODERATOR: You have played here well before. Third time you have all played together. What makes this team work?

ELIZABETH SZOKOL: We're really good friends, so I think we're very comfortable playing together. We know each other really well, and I have so much trust in Cheyenne's game, and that makes it so much easier for alternate shot.

THE MODERATOR: Last year you finished the tournament with a 61 to finish fourth. Are you going to try to do better than that tomorrow or focus on that? You have an important latter half of the year. You're sitting eighth in Solheim Cup. Talk about that and the rest of the year for you.

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: I think our goal every day is just to have fun. I think before we started on Wednesday, alternate shot you are a little bit nervous, but we just said, let's just have fun and enjoy it.

We don't get a format like this or a team event very often, so it's just super fun.

Yeah, Solheim Cup, it's one of my goals, but all I can do are the little things that I can control every day, and I think our goal tomorrow is just to continue to have fun.

Last time playing together until next year. We're just going to enjoy it.

THE MODERATOR: A lot of smiles on these ladies' faces. We'll see if they got a big one together. The way they're playing I bet so.

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