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June 27, 2003

Ivo Karlovic


MODERATOR: Good afternoon. Ivo Karlovic. Who would like to ask the first question?

Q. How does it feel to play someone who plays just like you?

IVO KARLOVIC: You know, it is difficult to return. I mean, he serves unbelievable. I don't have much chance on his serve today.

Q. Do you think you'll be back again at Wimbledon as successful, as you were this time?

IVO KARLOVIC: Sure. Why not?

Q. You have the game for grass court.


Q. What about on the indoor courts in the winter?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, actually my best surface, I mean, to play indoors. I can play also good indoors.

Q. People say that it's very boring when you get two serve and volleyers. What do you say to that?

IVO KARLOVIC: I don't know, because today everybody is playing from the baseline. So, I mean, when it's something else, they should be, I mean, nice to watch also.

Q. How would you look on your whole experience for this last week?

IVO KARLOVIC: It's been an unbelievable experience for me to play on the Centre Court against the No. 1, to win. I'm happy.

Q. What do you think were the crucial phases in your match today where it turned against you?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, in the third set, I lost serve. Pretty stupid. I make two easy mistakes on the volleys. It's been a little bit bad for the set.

Q. When are you flying home? Are you going to stay and do some sight-seeing?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, I'm going to go out a little bit tonight, but probably I'm going to go home tomorrow.

Q. A lot has been made of your height this week. Did you have fun with that? How have you reacted to it all?


Q. The height.

IVO KARLOVIC: My height?

Q. Yes.

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, I'm used to it.

Q. Have you been pleased by the reception that you've received at Wimbledon? People have kind of taken you to their hearts, been supportive of you. Have you been pleased by that, surprised by that?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yes. Sure, it's been unbelievable. It's good.

Q. What do you think the key to that has been? Why do you think people find you so appealing?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, I mean, because I beat No. 1. I mean, I played with my heart. I don't know, maybe that's it. I mean, I was playing good, you know.

Q. Was your girlfriend here to watch you today?


Q. Was she surprised when she arrived to find how big a star you'd become?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yes. I mean, yeah, she was surprised.

Q. You have been serving very well throughout the week. Has Goran helped you with your serve or given you any tips on serving aces?

IVO KARLOVIC: No. I mean, I was always watching him, his serves, how he mixes his serve, and I was trying to do the same.

Q. Do you think your serve can be as big as his?

IVO KARLOVIC: I don't know, here, so....

Q. What do you plan to do tonight? Do you plan to celebrate or drown your sorrows? Happy or sad?

IVO KARLOVIC: I'm going to celebrate a little bit only, not much.

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