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August 31, 2003

Ivo Karlovic


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You haven't played Schalken before?


Q. Were you a little unsure of how you were going to approach the match, or do you always play the same way with the same strategy?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, I spoke with other players, I mean, "How is he playing?" And I knew how he's playing. But today I was little bit unlucky. That's it.

Q. Did you get tired at all in the third tiebreaker?

IVO KARLOVIC: No, no. I didn't.

Q. Were you aware you were serving 135, aces?


Q. 135, did you know you were serving at 135?

IVO KARLOVIC: 135, no, I didn't know.

Q. The set point you had in the first set on your serve, the double, was it too big a second serve?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, yeah. Because I was trying to ace it, but it was out, like, not much.

Q. It was such a close match. Next time you meet him, what would you do differently with him?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, first of all, I would go little bit slower because I made too many mistakes because I was trying too hard.

Q. You were up 3-1 in the first set.


Q. In the first set you were up three games to one.

IVO KARLOVIC: No. It was second set, it was 4-3.

Q. You could have won that set. Did you feel like you gave that back to him with the errors?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, yeah. I mean, because I was too much in the - I don't know - hurry always.

Q. Ancic beat Schalken in the past.


Q. Did you get any points from Ancic?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I ask him about his game, yeah. I knew how he's playing before the match.

Q. All in all, this is a fantastic accomplishment for you, from being 109, you almost beat somebody that's No. 12, right?


Q. Are you very pleased with yourself?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yes, sure. And I had 15 wins in a row. I am happy here in the States. Very good.

Q. How did you enjoy the fan support that you got here at the US Open?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, I like it. I mean, much. It's been nice, very nice support.

Q. Could you compare your form from Wimbledon. Do you think you're playing much better right now than before, or the same level?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, maybe I'm more confident now. So that way, I'm better now.

Q. What are your plans after the US Open? What are you going to play? What is your next tournament?

IVO KARLOVIC: I am going to play tournaments in Asia in Shanghai and Tokyo, ATP Tour events.

End of FastScripts….

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