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April 4, 1998

Jim Courier


PAGE CROSLAND: We'll take the first question for Jim Courier.


Q. He said in his interview that he didn't feel like he won the match; that perhaps you lost it, particularly serving 40-Love, 4-5 in the fifth set.

JIM COURIER: Yeah. That's a fair assessment at that particular point in time. I mean, I made a bunch of errors right there, which were unforced errors and really unnecessary. I just didn't give myself the best chance to win it at that point in time, unfortunately.


Q. Despite the loss, you have to be pretty happy, considering your last year and everything, that you played really well, no?

JIM COURIER: You can be happy with it, maybe. No, I'm very, very disappointed to lose it in my head again. You know, physically there's nothing wrong out there. But, you know, mentally, 40-Love, 4-5, you don't -- you just don't do what I did out there. It's not been a characteristic of mine through my career to do stupid s*** like that. To do that is really infuriating. It's not encouraging in the least to lose 6-4 in the fifth to anybody for me.


Q. Jim, is that the type of stuff that might happen, though, when you haven't been playing as many matches?

JIM COURIER: It's no excuse, you know. I get out there; I've got experience in those situations. I should know how to play. You know, it's just -- it's disheartening, really, to perform like that in a crucial time. That's when you have to play better, you know, not worse.


Q. Especially after fighting so hard and playing good stuff?

JIM COURIER: You know, everybody knows that I'm going to fight. That's not news, you know. If I'm not fighting, then we've got a story. But I've got to come up with the goods. That's basically the way I've succeeded in my career, is being better than the other guy on the big points. It's not because I play better tennis; I had bigger balls. I didn't have them out there today.


Q. How difficult were the conditions out there today? It had to be cold and windy.

JIM COURIER: Same for both guys. Usually, bad conditions are more to my advantage than most people. It doesn't help, for sure. But, you know, I'm not opposed to winning ugly, by any stretch.


Q. What if it comes down to 2-All and it's you and Safin for the tiebreak match? How do you feel about that?

JIM COURIER: Well, I'll go out there and fight as hard as I did today, and hopefully be a little bit better in the bigger points.


Q. Are you going to watch him play at all?

JIM COURIER: I've been watching a little bit right now. He's very good for a young player.


Q. Do you feel like your experience gives you the advantage against him?

JIM COURIER: My experience didn't do much for me today. So hopefully it will be worth more when we play.


Q. If there's any good to come out of it, it might keep him out of the doubles match, since you sent him to five sets. Your feelings about that? He wants to save his energy for singles.

JIM COURIER: He's got to play doubles. If he doesn't play doubles, might not be a reason for him to bother playing singles.


Q. You don't buy that, that he'll sit out?

JIM COURIER: Do I buy it?


Q. Yes.

JIM COURIER: Not with your money, no (laughter). Not at all.


End of FastScripts....

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