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June 28, 2004

Ivo Karlovic


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English, please.

Q. It was lovely for you to finish on an ace, wasn't it?

IVO KARLOVIC: To finish...

Q. The match ended, the last main point for you was an ace.

IVO KARLOVIC: Okay, yeah.

Q. So that was nice.

IVO KARLOVIC: It was good, yeah. Nice.

Q. Did you actually enjoy playing the No. 1 seed?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, I didn't have anything to lose. So, yeah, I was enjoying it for sure.

Q. Do you believe he is now an unstoppable force for the title? He played so well.

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, he plays unbelievable, especially in the crucial points or when it's important. And that is his great advantage.

Q. I believe people have described your service as though you're a man "serving from a tree." How do you describe your own serve?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, it is an advantage because I'm tall. But also I've been practicing it a lot, so that's why it is good, my serve.

Q. You had a terrific tournament. Very good stuff.

IVO KARLOVIC: Thank you.

Q. Was it especially pleasing, you'll remember the last stroke you made at Wimbledon was an ace?

IVO KARLOVIC: Well, the stroke, actually it was the...

Q. Your chip and charge, yeah.

IVO KARLOVIC: The slice, yeah.

Q. But you left town with a good impression?

IVO KARLOVIC: Sure, yeah. I mean, I am happy with my result here. I just wish that I was playing somebody less good maybe (smiling). Nothing else.

Q. Is Federer your Wimbledon Champion now, do you reckon?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, yeah.

Q. You had 14 aces today. In the last three rounds you had 40. Why do you think this was?

IVO KARLOVIC: Why? Well, I am not ashamed. I also have my ups and downs. And, you know, I was playing against Roger, who returns unbelievable. So that's why.

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