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September 1, 2005

Ivo Karlovic


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Since winning the GHI in 2003, you've really progressed your career incredibly. I'm sure you're aware that if you improved your ground strokes, that you would be a championship player on the tour. Are you working on that with someone?

IVO KARLOVIC: Yes, of course. It is something which I am trying to improve. I think that in the beginning of the next year I will be a dangerous player on the tour.

Q. Andre has been around so long. You had never played him before. What was it like to play him? He was able to return some of your serves.

IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, but, you know, I was trying to ignore that, you know, that I was playing against Andre. I was only trying to focus on me and on my game.

Q. Was Andre someone you admired in particular when you were growing up? Could you talk about, I guess, your feelings about him as a fellow player?

IVO KARLOVIC: I mean, I always enjoyed watching him as a kid. Yeah, of course, he is a legend. He is.

Q. You served three straight aces in the seventh game of the third set. How does it feel to know that you're always in it with that serve?

IVO KARLOVIC: Good (smiling). I mean, it is pretty okay. I mean, as you said, I just have to improve the ground game and it will be okay.

Q. Can I ask why you chose tennis over maybe basketball or volleyball?

IVO KARLOVIC: Because when I was younger I started and I always liked it. But if you know any NBA agents, let me know (smiling).

Q. Can you play basketball?

IVO KARLOVIC: I can play good. I can play pretty good.

Q. Are you surprised how quickly your career progressed since you won the GHI in 2003?

IVO KARLOVIC: Actually, before that, I was practicing really hard. It's all a product of that practice.

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