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September 1, 1994

Bernd Karbacher


Q. At the start of that second set, did he just pick up his game? Do you have an off period and then at the end he just fell apart; what happened?

BERND KARBACHER: I think in the first game of the second set I got a break -- I think I had advantage and hit an ace and the linesman called it out and there was no beep from the machine and I was a little bit surprised; then, made a double fault then I got easy -- got the break and I lost little bit confidence in my shots and it was very windy, so I didn't play very well and he played very solid. He didn't play great, but he played very solid, and I just missed a lot. At 5-All I thought-- said to myself, just try to get in rhythm, back into rhythm and play and maybe you will win one or two games, but more important is the third set thing, beginning of the third set. So, concentrate just to play better and then I made 5-1, broke him 5-2 was little bit lucky set point, I think, suddenly it was 5 all and I was surprised because at 5-2 he was not confident at all. He made a lot of mistakes and he missed two or three very easy shots when he had set point, so suddenly it was 5 all and then I won the set.

Q. Did you think at that point that there was something wrong with him?

BERND KARBACHER: No, I didn't see something 'til the tiebreak. I was a little bit sur -- it was very close. He played okay. It is very hard to play very good today because it is very windy, but I didn't see something. I didn't feel something. He was serving not very good at this moment; especially in the tiebreaker; maybe that was a sign for that, but I was more concentrated on my game than on his injuries, maybe.

Q. Did you know what was going on after the second set; I mean, after the first game of the third set, did you know that he was trying to get a trainer?

BERND KARBACHER: He already-- I think when I won the first set -- the second set, he already asked for someone. I think there was a referee and the doctor, I don't know. Then he played one more game and maybe the trainer didn't show up and I don't know, maybe he just thought it makes no sense to get treatment, I don't know.

Q. Does it feel to go off and be the winner this way?

BERND KARBACHER: I mean, it is better to win like in a normal way. You have to take it. I think it is much better that way than if you play 4 and a half hours and you win in five sets and you are tired. So it was two long sets. I played okay for the circumstances today and it was the first time on Center Court. It was not so easy for me also, and so I won't have any problems physically. So for me, it is okay. It is little bit sad for him and for the tournament, but for me it is better that way.

Q. How well was he playing through the first set and the first five or six games of the second set?

BERND KARBACHER: I think in the first set we were serving very good, both of us. Then it is very difficult to return well because it is windy, and if you have the wind from the backhand, you have almost no chance to return the ball. Then at 4-All I was serving a very good game, 5-4 and then he started to miss, I think, two or three first serves. Then I got into playing, then I played two or three good points and then won -- I won the set. I think we had no break chances in the whole set to that time, so it is a little bit lucky and I took my chances this time.

Q. How did the pace of his shots-- how does that compare with some of the other top players that are on top now?

BERND KARBACHER: I think it is not a big difference. He is still playing fast. He is still playing very fast. I think the thing is that you are more used to the game now, I mean, 10 or 5 years ago or 6 years ago, I don't know when he won the last time the U.S. Open, but at that time I think he played very fast compared to all the others, but now if you see Agassi or Courier or Rosset or all these guys they play very, very fast, so you get used to the pace and then you adapt your game to that and then it is not such a difference. I think he is not playing slower; it is just we are used to it.

Q. It is sad to see once a great player like this breaking down so often, unable to play his best?

BERND KARBACHER: I mean, it is sad in a way, but it is normal too. I mean, like it is very-- it is great when you hear what he reached in his tennis career already. He is now, I don't know, 32 years old.

Q. 34 years old?

BERND KARBACHER: It is normal. You cannot play 20 years top 10, so it is just, I mean, as long as he likes to play and go out and play and practice hard, it is just it is his game. It is his tennis and it is his career and he reached so much, 96 wins, so what else can you say? It is normal that some young players come up and beat him.

Q. Why do you think he is still playing?

BERND KARBACHER: I think it is fun for him. He likes-- I think he likes the sport, like Mats Wilander. He is a good example too. He didn't play for two years because he didn't like it. Now I saw him last week in Schenectady and I think he really enjoyed playing. These people, we are all playing tennis because we love the sport, and I think Ivan Lendl is not different to any other players.

Q. Have you ever saved so many set points before?

BERND KARBACHER: I don't know exactly what, I think it was a lot there.

Q. Nine?

BERND KARBACHER: Nine set point, yeah, that is a lot.

Q. When you came onto the court, had you any expectations or had you thought that the match would go on to five sets or three sets or --

BERND KARBACHER: Had I expectations-- I expected for myself to play good and win the match because I played him last in the beginning of the year, and I played great tennis this time and won against him, so I said to myself, "I am playing well. I have a very good chance to beat him," and that is the way I went on the court and I was not nervous at all. I started very well in the beginning of the set and I think it is no reason to have that -- other expectations.

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