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August 18, 1995

Bernd Karbacher


GREG SHARKO: This is Bernd's second ATP Tour semifinal of the year and he repeats here as a semifinalist the second straight year. Questions for, Bernd.

Q. I guess Indy is your kind of town?

BERND KARBACHER: Yes, in a way, it was not very easy to come here because I knew that I have very good hard court season last year and I have a lot of points to defend and I was a little bit worried and the way it turned out here, it is really -- I am really very happy and the way I played also.

Q. Second set, seemed like it was won; lost; then one again. That was a roller coaster ride for you.

BERND KARBACHER: It is very difficult if you have two breaks and it's raining, you don't know what to do; you hang out; eat a little bit; then you have to go out on-court again. I think, for me, it was -- the first time, it was very good because I started -- I won my serve at 1-Love; then I came out and then he had to had to serve and that was good and then I broke him after the second rain delay, I broke him immediately, but then I lost a little bit my rhythm. I think I was worried about playing maybe a third set and I got a little bit tired and then I didn't really hit the ball as hard and I was a little bit anxious about losing the second set. I had not this confidence you need to beat him and then at the end of the set he was serving 5-4, I said, okay, you go for every shot; you try, whatever happens, if you lose, you lose, it doesn't matter and then I played a few great points and then suddenly I saw that, okay, that is the way you have to go for the shots.

Q. Were you a little bit right before that maybe you seemed a little frustrated with yourself, but then when you got back on serve there you seemed more focused?

BERND KARBACHER: Yeah, there were some things I was a little upset about. Of course, it was my mistake, but every time when he was serving then some people walking around in the stands and I mean, they can wait one or two points when the rally is over; not when someone is throwing up the ball for the serve and then you see people running behind the server, that is not very good and then I got a time violation. I was-- okay, I was little bit too slow, but I thought it is very, very hot outside, but I think it was more my mistake and my frustration that I couldn't hold my serve.

Q. How much is your ankle bothering you?

BERND KARBACHER: My ankle? It is just -- there is nothing about it. It is just protection, but it doesn't hurt. It is perfect.

Q. Do you have a habit of playing your best tennis when your back is against the wall like that?

BERND KARBACHER: You try. I think in this situations you don't even -- you have no time to react because he always -- first serve -- came in on the first serve, so hit a really good topspin lob. That is just the thing, that is reflex. You have no time to think,, okay, maybe that is the right shot and sometimes it doesn't miss it and everything is wrong and sometimes it turns out really well. I played 4 unbelievable points at that time, and the same was when it was now -- it was deuce; I hit a forehand winner; then a returned forehand winner again. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't work.

Q. Is it coincidence or is there actually a feeling about a town when you come in here and you just feel like playing a little better or you have had two good tournaments here successively, does that just happen or do you think about where you are going to play or is it just an another tennis court?

BERND KARBACHER: Of course you think about where you play. I had to decide at the end of the -- I think, after the U.S. Open, you have to make designations for the next year. I played really well in Indianapolis, so decided not to go to New Haven; to go to Indianapolis again because I know the courts; I know the atmosphere; I know the people. And I know that I played well and if you go to a new tournament, you have no idea what it's about; if it is the same -- I am sure that New Haven is a good tournament, but as long as I play good here then I never try it. I think it is just because if you like a city or the tournament or if you like people and you like to go there; then you play the best tennis you can.

Q. When you first came here, what was your thought for a European "I am going to Indianapolis;" what did you expect?

BERND KARBACHER: First of all, you talk to other players where to go. You said, okay, you were last year, to my other German players, I said, you were in Indianapolis; yeah, they said, it's a great tournament; they have a lot of activities besides the court, and it is a nice to go there. Last year was funny because I came here; I asked Karsten Braasch, another German player, I asked him which tournaments in the states you are playing because I didn't go with my coach. I was alone. He said, I am playing Los Angeles and then Cincinnati and Indianapolis, Schenectady and U.S. Open. I said okay, if you play Indy; then I play Indy as well. Then I went there and it was the right decision, the right decision.

Q. What have you done anything away from the tennis since you mentioned the activities?

BERND KARBACHER: Yeah, I played golf tournament on Sunday and we were at the cinema. We were out having dinner, but the last two, three days I didn't do anything because I didn't feel very good. I was, I think, in my match against Courier I had kind of a sunstroke or something. I felt totally dead and then I didn't even go to the player's party and I missed the chance to win the Harley. Ask Ivanisevic about that. And because I didn't feel well. Then I came from the court; had a massage and went directly in my hotel room; had room service and went to bed, so, but now it is getting better and I feel much better now.

Q. What movie did you see?

BERND KARBACHER: I saw Dangerous Minds.

Q. How did you play golf?

BERND KARBACHER: To be honest, we stopped after 14 holes because -- not because I played so bad, you know, because I had a practice court at 7 o'clock, and I wanted to play a little bit after the golf because you get a little bit tired and then there were a few, I think, 3 in front of us and it was pretty slow, and then we decided, okay, we go home and not play the 18 holes, but we play a little bit of tennis. I played in the evening like at 7 o'clock in the evening. I played 40 minutes, practicing.

Q. Have you ever talked to Boris about Indianapolis?

BERND KARBACHER: No, not to Boris. But I know that he says it is very, very hot here and he doesn't like the heat so much, so that is why probably he is going to New Haven. But I think it is not much colder in New Haven?

Q. No.

BERND KARBACHER: Maybe there are other reasons.

Q. Does it get this hot in Germany?

BERND KARBACHER: No. It is getting very hot, but the humidity is not so high.

Q. Talk about the matchup with either Pete or Andrei?

BERND KARBACHER: I played against Pete -- I played this year in round of 16 in Lipton tournament and he beat me 6-2, 6-4, and that was -- I was a little bit -- I had a little bit too much respect in the first settle, so I lost it very quickly and in the second set I played really good tennis and I made maybe two errors, but not like I don't miss the ball, I make tactical errors; then I lost the set, so he is a very, very tough to beat. He is playing -- hard court is his best tennis, almost, and I hope they will have a very, very tough match and a long match today.

GREG SHARKO: Thanks, Bernd.

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