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September 18, 1998

Brandie Burton

Meg Mallon


MEG MALLON: -- out early and not quite frank, but we stayed patient. This is the first time Brandie and I have been partners and we kind of had to feel our way out there as partners and once we got started and I think we got comfortable and started making some really good shots and some good putts.

Q. How about the way the course played? About like you expected?

MEG MALLON: They played a lot harder and faster than we expected, actually. A lot of them really got firm, especially the ones that stood up really high, the par 5 back there where Brandie got a perfect wedge and it really started to go back. But then we hit right up front and it hit two feet. It was really different today.

Q. If I may, when you looked at the board and you saw how that first match was going, any inspiration?

MEG MALLON: Well, we did. We liked that they got off to a good start. But we knew we had to take care of our own match because we were behind right away. We had our own business to take care of and now we've got to go root these guys on.

Q. At the end of the back 9, you guys kind of feel like you were holding on because they had several opportunities to --

MEG MALLON: Actually, they made a lot of putts on us today, made a lot of putts on us and they played really well and Alison and Helen both hit the ball really well. We just felt like we couldn't get anything -- they didn't give us anything on the front 9. Even when we thought we were going to take number 9, they made a really good -- (inaudible). We just hung in there and I really think 10 turned us around. We got up-and-down a little in that hole and just kind of turned around from there.

Q. Can you talk about a water hole there, when you ran into the tree and -- in the process of not going for the green -- (Inaudible.)

MEG MALLON: -- in that creek and, you know, when they hit it in the back bunker, we said, gosh, it looks like par is a good score, maybe even bogie might win. So we did the smart thing. I said, Is that the shortest 2nd shot you've ever hit in your life. It went out there about eight yards. It was a perfect wedge edge for me. And we really usually run putts together and she said, I got it. She didn't even want to know the line. She it had right away. That was an awesome putt.

Q. How much of that was kind of chaos after watching their approach?

BRANDIE BURTON: Well, that's match-play and that's definitely gave us a little light. She had, I would say, about 4 to 5 feet. It was a great putt.

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