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June 28, 2004

Tatiana Golovin


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Short and sweet today. Obviously, a big day for you tomorrow, though, against Serena.


Q. How are you going to approach that game tomorrow?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I'm already very excited to be in the fourth round. Playing Serena is going to be amazing. It's my second time playing against somebody in the Top 10. I'm just really excited. I'm happy about my match today. It was definitely very tough considering we had to stop yesterday. So, you know, the night was kind of rough. So it was tough mentally, but I got through it. I'm excited to go play Serena tomorrow.

Q. Did you manage to sleep okay last night?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I don't know how I managed to sleep. You know, definitely had the same thing happen to me in the French Open. We had to stop at 5-All in the second. So I think, you know, I've had one experience. It probably helped me today.

Q. Obviously, you did exceptionally well in Birmingham. Obviously this is your first time at Wimbledon. How comfortable do you feel playing on grass?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Actually, pretty well. You know, I played well in Juniors here. I played very well last week in Birmingham. This surface suits my game, so it's going well.

Q. You are now living back in France again after being in the US for a little while. I understand you're originally from Russia, is that correct?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, I was born in Russia. When I was eight months, we moved to Paris, to France. And then when I was seven years old we went to practice at Bollettieri's for seven years.

Q. Your father was an ice hockey coach?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah. That's why we moved to France.

Q. Are they with you now? Are they following you over here?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: My mom follows me. My dad works. But, yeah, my sisters come to tournaments when they can.

Q. Is he still a coach at the moment?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: No, he's into business now. Yeah, he stopped.

Q. Are you aware when you're actually playing that you're getting quite a gathering? Obviously, we've had Anna in the past. We've got Maria now as well. If you don't mind me saying, the more attractive tennis players are getting more of a following. Are you aware of that when you're actually out there playing?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: You know, we try to stay focused. But, you know, I hope first of all that people come to watch the tennis. Then, you know, if the physical... You know, that's their choice. But I really hope that they come, first of all, for the tennis.

Q. If you don't mind me asking, do you have a boyfriend?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: No, I don't have a boyfriend. I'm waiting for Prince William (laughing).

Q. Prince William, is that your dream man, is it?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Being in England, yeah.

Q. You'd love to meet Prince William?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Definitely. I'll be waiting for him, sitting in the stands (laughing).

Q. You never know. He could watch you on Centre Court.

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Exactly. And especially there's so many, you know, younger players like Maria and a lot of younger players coming to play. So get some younger people to come and watch.

Q. It's hard to start a match at 3-All. What would be the tactical plan? How do you come on the court?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Well, the good thing about stopping, you know, at 3-All from yesterday is you can kind of step back and look at the mistakes you made, the good points she made, and, you know, kind of think through that. But, otherwise, it's just very tough mentally because you don't get enough rest, because you think about the match, and then you come on court and it's already 3-All in the third. So you don't have that much, you know, time to really readjust to the game. I think it was more tougher for both of us today than it was yesterday.

Q. There was Brad Gilbert in the stands. Do you still turn to him for advice?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Definitely, yeah. He's been actually going to watch -- he came to watch all my matches. He's somebody I respect a lot. He's helped me a lot in the past. He still helps me now.

Q. In what sense did he help or is he helping? Is it tactical advice?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I think it's just him being there, him believing in me, you know. It's just him encouraging me all the time. I think that's what really helped me the most. Of course he knows so much about the game, he's got so much experience. So it's always great to have him behind me.

Q. You played Maria in the final in Birmingham. You two are the two younger players coming up on this stage, really like two big talents to look for in the future. What do you think of her? How many times did you play each other? What's your record? I mean, maybe junior record, okay.

TATIANA GOLOVIN: She was at Bollettieri's when I was seven. She was there one year before me. Through 14 years old we practiced a lot, we played together. So definitely when I was little I lost to her all the time Love and Love and 1 and 1. She always played a lot better than me when I was little. But I think now I'm catching up. I'm playing well. We both have our own games. Birmingham proved it, that I could hang in there. Just made a few mistakes, made a few wrong choices. But in the end, I'm getting closer and closer, and I hope to get better and get the ranking up.

Q. Is it right you're going to play in the Olympics?


Q. Are you looking forward that?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Very -- a lot. I'm so excited. I really can't think how it could get any better.

Q. You obviously are representing France, is that correct?


Q. Do you feel French?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Definitely, yeah. I grew up there.

Q. You have quite a mixture in there, having been born in Russia?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: A little bit, yeah. I was born in Russia but I was eight months when I moved, and I never went back. Florida was just to practice tennis, really. But I really feel French.

Q. So home now is Paris?


Q. Do you still go back to the US?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Of course. During tournaments, maybe practice in the winter a couple times there. It's still a place that I love.

Q. Is this the first time you're playing someone from the Top 10?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I played Dementieva earlier in the year.

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