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September 1, 2004

Tatiana Golovin



Q. Today's game, please tell me why you win, reason.

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I don't know. I guess I was maybe -- well, Morigami played very well. I was surprised with the way she played. She plays pretty aggressively. Definitely was tough for me to get out there and really play all my shots. But I think, you know, mentally I stayed strong and I battled, and I think that's what made the difference.

Q. What is your best shot?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Well, I think my serve is a good shot, but I think today was a little bit off. But I believe definitely my forehand, I feel comfortable with my forehand.

Q. I hear that you will come Japan.

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I'm going to Tokyo.

Q. Please tell me about Japanese tournament.

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I don't know. I'm very excited to go there really. It's going to be my first time. Just really looking forward to it. Hopefully play some good matches out there. Just very excited.

Q. First time to an Asian country?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: First time, yeah. Never been.

Q. Would you like to reach the No. 1 ranking?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, obviously that's always your goal, is to be No. 1, be the best player you can be. Win Grand Slams, definitely, that's my goals.

Q. Can you describe what the experience has been like so far, playing the US Open?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: I can't believe last year I was playing Juniors and lost in the quarters (smiling). That's pretty amazing. It's my first time being seeded. So it's just really, really exciting to be out here in New York, have the crowd come out and watch us play. I'm just really excited. You know, I'm going to play Serena on Friday, so I'm really looking forward to that, get some practice on central, maybe get Brad out there. Just really enjoy.

Q. Last week at the Pilot Pen, you said you keep learning as you go on playing all these great players. Is it continuing to be a learning experience?

TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, well, you know, hopefully it will go better than it went in Wimbledon. You know, it's going to be my second time playing her, so I kind of know when you're out there. I'm just really looking forward to it. Like I say, I'll get some good practice tomorrow, really get my game on and get out there and really fight.

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