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March 13, 2005

Tatiana Golovin



Q. That was a very long, hard match. Talk about the beginning of the third set. Seemed like to take a half hour alone.

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: I know. You know, I think I started off pretty well. I think in the second I was playing the same, but I was just making those mistakes that I wasn't making in the first set. You know, just seems likes all the girls really want to win and really want to beat me, so they're all hanging on every point and really are playing well. I think in the third set really I fought. I'm like, you got two hours to spend on the court and you just got to really focus, just try to do your best, keep on hitting the ball. Obviously, I didn't play as well as I wanted to. But I think as long as I'm playing better with every match, I think that's the most important thing.

Q. Are those kind of matches sometimes more satisfying when you fight hard to win, even if you're not playing your best?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Definitely, definitely. I mean, we hit a lot of balls. That can only build up your confidence, even if you're not playing great, if you're not putting the balls away. I hit a lot of balls. I think mentally and physically I'm feeling well. Obviously going into my next match, I'll be ready. I want to play. I think that's really important.

Q. It wasn't that long ago you were one of those players who tried to knock off the bigger players. Reversing roles.

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: It's so weird because it happened so fast. I just can't believe last year I was really happy going through the first round, beating a player. Now it just kind of seems like I have to win, and that's normal, and all the other players really want to play well against me. That's just really weird because it just happened so fast. But I'm getting used to it. If I want to be Top 10, that's the way it's always going to be.

Q. So your next match against Dementieva, a Top 10. Are those the types of wins you need more of?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, I think it's going to be a good match. I mean, I know how she plays. She knows how I play. I played her a few years ago in Paris. Obviously, I think we've both improved. It's going to be a totally different match. You know, I'm just really looking forward to it. Now I'm the one that's got nothing to lose. I'm just going to go out, really play well, try to play well, and we'll see how it goes.

Q. You're young. How much does experience matter now for you in winning matches versus when you first came on the tour, maybe didn't quite know as much?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah. Well, I think now the experience just comes. I mean, I'm not trying to get matches, not necessarily trying to get matches, because I played all last year pretty much a full schedule. I've played a lot of tournaments. I've had a lot of matches in. I don't think experience counts that match. I think "dealing" is the word, dealing with situations, dealing with them right, you know. You don't want to lose a match because you made some stupid mistakes at the wrong time. I think that's maybe what you mean by "experience".

Q. You feel like you're a smarter player now?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: I think you have to be. I think you have to be smarter with everything, off the court and on the court. Obviously, you know, last year I was really excited going to every tournament. For me everything was really new and exciting. Now it's more like this is kind of my job, this is kind of where I have to play well.

Q. Is there anyone in particular that you watched and learned from over the last year?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Just pretty much a bit of everybody, you know. In the women's, definitely Serena and Davenport. In the men, obviously you've got Federer. I think he put as good example. Federer and Agassi, you can always learn from them, any time, at any point in your career.

Q. Do you get any advice or guidance from anybody?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Definitely. We're really close with all our Fed Cup team. Loic is here. Jordan I think is coming into Miami. So I'm definitely really close with all of them. They're helping me out as well as they can. So is Brad. It's working out well for me.

Q. You're working with Brad again?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Not working with him, but he's always helped me through the past, three, four years.

Q. This year specifically?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: No, right now I don't have a coach. I'm not necessarily looking for one. If the right person comes along, I'll be more than happy obviously to start working. But it just hasn't come up yet.

Q. What do you do tournament to tournament? Do you organize your own hitting partners?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, I'm going to need to start having a sparring partner, so I can get my practices in, if I need to work on something. Like I said, I have Loic here. If anything really goes wrong, I feel like I need to work on something, it will always help. I don't feel pressure that I need a coach, that I'm lost when I'm on the court.

Q. You're talking about Amelie's coach?


Q. She doesn't mind?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: He's our captain, our coach in Fed Cup. We just get along great. The girls help out, too, if they see I'm struggling. It's a good atmosphere.

Q. Have you always been without an entourage?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: I've never really liked having a lot of people around me. I have my sister now with me. It's just going good. My mom is in Miami right now. I know I have the people around me if I need the help.

Q. A phone call away?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: Exactly. A phone call away, or another hotel. So for now I think I can handle being by myself right now. If it really becomes crucial, I will get a coach.

Q. You took inspiration from Federer last year?

TATHIANA GOLOVIN: I guess it's just a coincidence. Well, I'm not really the type of player who needs to have somebody telling me the same thing every day. Actually, I would get annoyed by it, if somebody repeats the same thing. I've always been a person that if you tell me once, I'll do it.

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