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April 19, 2001

Jerome Golmard

THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. In the first set it was 2-love and you played five perfect games. You win the first set and then you make almost no mistakes. But after that, what happened?

JEROME GOLMARD: Maybe I was tired physically. I had problems finishing at 5-3. He had two break points, he became more aggressive, I choked, and at 3-love I lost the rhythm. I was starting to ask myself many questions, and I was not able to stick to his score. I almost tanked the second set, thinking that I would be able to manage in the third set. In fact, the first set hurt me a little bit because I really forced myself to break the rhythm. And after that, when I started to do something else, I was not able to do it and I lost my game. With the wind, the cold and everything, I lost control of my game and he was more difficult to manipulate although I didn't make many mistakes in the first set and he didn't either, and it was long rallies each time. I was afraid of that match, and it didn't miss. I was not able to play at all in the end.

Q. It has nothing to do with the problems we always have to talk about? Because the physiotherapist came in the beginning of the third set and we thought there might be something there.

JEROME GOLMARD: No, it was rather prevention because it was cold. So I wanted to put some heating cream on my back because my rhythm had gone down, and I was afraid to get too cold physically, and I preferred to reassure myself. But it was not a physical problem. It is tactically that I lost control. In fact, I didn't have a solution to his game.

Q. But you had the solution in the first set?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes, but it was against my own nature. Afterwards, he didn't lose control. He was more aggressive, and I was playing shorter and shorter, and at that particular moment he was making less mistakes. I was not able to react after that. It's also the accumulation of all those difficult matches. It's still a bit new, and today maybe I was lacking a bit of strength mentally to react. And it's maybe all that that explains that I took too long to digest the situation and I was not able to react.

Q. At 5-love you served and you were up 40-love. We believed that you were going to try to win your serve to start in the third set, but we had the impression that even when you played at 40-love you were not playing really?

JEROME GOLMARD: At 5-love I started to tighten up my game. It was 3-love, 5-love, then I tried to tighten up my game to start again and serve first in the third set. But I wasn't able to do that. The balls were escaping me. I was forcing myself. I was not into the match anymore.

Q. Did the wind bother you really?

JEROME GOLMARD: No. Usually, I like to play with the wind because normally my opponents are more disturbed than I am, but he didn't seem to be disturbed at all. For the backhand, it goes slower. But on the other side, he played cross court. He was well positioned. Sometimes he changed rhythm, playing along the line. It was really not easy today.

Q. The last two sets have to be forgotten?

JEROME GOLMARD: There's an end to everything. Maybe it was not nice to watch, but it's the way it is. I hope I will be able to react as soon as I play my next match next week and continue with the dynamics I started here and winning matches. Today I played against a stronger player than I am. The score is a bit severe against me, but with a bit of mental freshness and a few difficult matches behind me, I wouldn't have lost 6-love after the first set. You have also to accept to play against someone who manages the match better than you do, who doesn't lose his competitiveness and his chances to win. Because at 6-3 against him, it was not easy for him either. He was able to come back into the match and I lost my game. I didn't know what to do anymore.

Q. Leaving this tournament with three good matches and a back which apparently was solid enough is comforting?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes. I would have signed for that in the beginning of the week; that's for sure. It's perfect.

Q. Now you are going on to the American tournaments?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes, Atlanta and Houston.

Q. You were talking about mental fatigue; therefore, you just need a few days' rest and you will be ready to start again?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes. Things should be all right. I want to continue that way, to win and to go up in the ranking. I believe those two tournaments are good opportunities for me to win some more points and continue to work on my game, maybe also playing players which are not as strong as I am. We'll see.

Q. Is that the intention you had in the beginning, not to play here and to play lower tournaments, and finally it was a good thing playing here?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes, for me it's a good thing. I played match after match, I could have lost first round. The way it happened is good. Everything is all right.

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