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April 19, 2000

Jerome Golmard

Q. According to the score we have the impression that there were two different matches between the beginning and the end. Did you feel it that way? Did you feel the match was escaping you progressively?

JEROME GOLMARD: In the beginning I was feeling good and I was able to do what I wanted to do. Then I started having a physical let-down and he started settling in his own game. He was less surprised. Both factors explain that the match became more difficult. After that he didn't let go. And it turned around in his favor rapidly.

Q. So you felt a physical let-down when?

JEROME GOLMARD: On the break game it was very difficult, 2-Love and after that he played won a Love game. He broke me back Love game again. He is powerful. He held me back behind the baseline. I had problems controlling him as I did before. At 2-2 he became more confident. It was the first time he broke me in the match and after that he said why not. And then I became less powerful. I was running all over. He was inside the court. He was feeling at ease, it was very difficult.

Q. Did you know that you had to attack him because if you went into a long rally you had no chances? In the beginning you succeeded in doing that 100%. Is it the physical problem that stopped you had to put him even further down?

JEROME GOLMARD: I didn't take my chances very well. Although I was tired, I still didn't step into the court the way I was doing in the beginning. I was under. In fact, the beginning was too good for me, I played ten games crazy and after that I was not able to react. Physically I was out and I didn't know what to do anymore. The beginning was super and after that I was not able to react. I was not able to hit the ball early. Every time he did passing shots and it was right. Each time it bothered me. In fact, in the beginning was bad for me because I played so well, that afterwards I was surprised that he was able to react that way. I thought I had done the most difficult part.

Q. This physical let-down comes from the fact that you gave yourself too much?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes, and he reacted well. Famous game on 2-Love on my serve maybe there I could have had time if I had won the following game to recuperate so in fact, it means there were two different matches.

Q. There were also three very tight games in the middle of the third?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes, at 2-1, 40-15, I believe.

Q. You felt better then?

JEROME GOLMARD: Yes, I thought I could control him that I was going to bother him, but precisely during those two games I don't know -- didn't know how to play. He won easily. I made a mistake on a forehand winner. I didn't have him play the ball long enough. It was difficult. It is a good match. I hope after that match I will be able to convert this progress into reality. I am not far from beating these kind of players. I just need to win one or two matches and game confidence. I will come into the court with more confidence and be more relaxed. Today I was not relaxed enough. I was a bit in a difficult position.

Q. We saw you doing some stretching in the match?

JEROME GOLMARD: It is preventive.

Q. What is your program now?

JEROME GOLMARD: I am registered in Barcelona. For the time being I don't know yet if I am going to go there or if I am going to take advantage to work instead of playing matches. I need both, so will have to make a decision.

Q. After Barcelona?

JEROME GOLMARD: I am not playing. And after Rome and Hamburg.

Q. If you don't play the tournaments are you going back to where your parents are?

JEROME GOLMARD: No, I am going to work in Paris.

Q. You saw the draw remaining. ? Do you believe you had chances?

JEROME GOLMARD: Each match is a difficult one. Against Krajicek it would have been a different kind of game. That is tennis, you have to learn to take match by match and not to get too excited. Krajicek is doing an excellent comeback. It is his first tournament since his injury in the knee. He is motivated. He is pumped up. He played Super tennis. Today I can say I played a good tournament and I lost against someone stronger than I am. It is enough to continue to work like that. There will be better days.

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