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June 9, 2023

Andrew Novak

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. First round 69, second round 68. What do you like heading into the weekend?

ANDREW NOVAK: I like my position. Right now I'm, I played well. The leaderboard is very bunched up. But I'm hitting it well, hitting it better, hit it better today. If I continue putting well and my short game stays solid then I like my chances.

Q. How challenging was it this morning just with the rain and the difficult conditions?

ANDREW NOVAK: Yeah, I don't know. Early on it was, I was making birdies and playing well. I just wasn't really missing any shots. But it was definitely playing tough. I had to pretty much hit every shot perfect to have it try to play at least manageable.

Like around 10, 11, 12, when it really picked up again, it got the rough wet and I had a couple lies on 12 that were just ridiculous. It's so tough when that rough gets wet. It it's already four, five inches it makes it so much harder.

Q. Through two days just what are you most pleased about your game thus far?

ANDREW NOVAK: Really that I scrambled well. Honestly, like Tuesday, Wednesday playing this course I really, I didn't think it was that great a course for my game. Like, it's not really the style of course that I've typically played great on. You really got to drive it super straight, premium on fairways. And that's not exactly my strongest part of my game. But so far I've put at least when I have missed I put it in the right place. If I can continue to do that, then my short game can hopefully clean up the mistakes.

Q. It looks like you're going to have a long break between today's round and tomorrow's round. What's your time off look like?

ANDREW NOVAK: Definitely going to get some food. As long as the rain holds off I'll probably get a little practice in. Maybe a few tee shots that I've struggled with the last two days. Then definitely rest. This late/early, finishing up last night and a quick turnaround, I had a 4:30 alarm. Definitely get some rest. Maybe a nap. Is NBA tonight? Basketball game? Probably catch some of that.

Q. What tee shots did you want to work on?

ANDREW NOVAK: Oh, a lot of 'em. Today was better. But there was a few that just kind of had my number. So if I can clean those up, the fairways are way, way easier to play out of than the rough here.

Q. How are the conditions this morning compared to yesterday afternoon?

ANDREW NOVAK: It was softer. Honestly, with the amount of rain though, it didn't really puddle up. I didn't get any mud balls or anything like that. So that was actually really cool to see. When it starts raining, just a little bit of moisture getting in the rough just makes it that much thicker, that much tougher. So, having a, the dry rough is definitely a little bit of an advantage for playing out of it. But I do think the rain softened it up a bit and made it maybe a little bit easier at times.

Q. Do you follow the women's side of the game very much? Just curious to get your thoughts on what Rose Zhang did?

ANDREW NOVAK: That was awesome. I was watching for sure. That hybrid she hit was insane. She's incredible. Like she's -- I was so impressed. Like I remember -- so I played Mackenzie Tour, I played up in Canada. My professional event I was in Vancouver. And I was not ready to win a golf tournament then. So for her to come out of college like that and do that, that's so incredible, yeah.

Q. Do you watch the LPGA regularly? Is there someone that you see as like a No. 1 player out there?

ANDREW NOVAK: I mean, right now she's 1 for 1. So it's hard to top her. I think Lydia's been playing well this year. So I don't know. I would love to see some battles between them going forward for sure.

Q. How is the body feeling after a cold, wet, rainy round early in the morning?

ANDREW NOVAK: I'm ready for lunch and get a little rest. I feel good, but, yeah, just tired. Especially up and down with wet rough walking through this. It can take a toll, for sure.

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