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June 4, 2023

Jay Sirianni

Logan Hewitt

Joe Redfield

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Sam Houston Bearkats

Postgame Press Conference

Sam Houston - 10, Tulane - 2

COACH SIRIANNI: It's always good to win maybe the longest Regional game ever played. We've been here for a long time. But I thought our guys responded from a tough one on Friday night in a great way.

It was just kind of like opening day yesterday to come back out and get a lead early.

And I thought Stevie did a good job. I thought Hewy did a really good job coming out of the bullpen and finishing that for us. And then these guys played really well defensively as well. A lot of big hits versus a lot of hits.

Q. Logan, can you walk us through what that first strike felt like after falling behind 3-0?

LOGAN HEWITT: It was big. Getting down 3-0 and you're like, man, I've got a long way to go to get back into it. I kept attacking the strike zone, just challenging the hitter, seeing if he could hit it.

Q. Just how draining can having such a long rain delay, then coming in to today how physically or mentally draining can that be?

JOE REDFIELD: I mean, I think our coach has done a great job throughout all of last fall and even all the way up until our season starting of mentally preparing us for the long grind of a season.

I mean, last fall was -- it was pretty tough at times, for sure, but we got through it together. I think that's what we did yesterday was just kind of stayed united throughout the whole thing. Kind of rolled with the punches and kept on going, able to secure the win today.

Q. What's it like when you've got to sleep on a situation like that, where it's bases loaded, you're coming back the next day, trying to get an out, as opposed to being in the flow of the game and going with it?

LOGAN HEWITT: For me, I mean, I knew I was pitching today. So I was just thinking about what that first pitch was going to be. And we went with a heater.

JOE REDFIELD: Really, I was just putting faith in our pitchers at that point. I've got confidence in our defense, and I know our pitching staff has confidence in us, vice versa. We have a lot of confidence in our staff.

I kind of figured it's more pressure on Tulane to do anything rather than on us. They're the ones trying to catch up to us.

Q. What's the plan between games? Do you think you'll head back to the hotel, or do you think you'll do some scouting for this one?

COACH SIRIANNI: We'll obviously see, watching this from the hotel, getting in the air conditioning and getting some food in the guys. But doesn't really matter. We know we're going to be playing tonight. And it's just mainly to get off your feet a little bit and relax. We've got a long day of baseball yet.

Q. When you have to stop a game and it's a big situation, bases loaded and have to come back and get an out, how do you kind of coach up the guys, prepare them for that when you've got so many hours in between?

COACH SIRIANNI: You know, during the first rain delay, when we thought we had a chance to go back out, that's when we knew we were going to Hewy and then just knowing we were going to go back to him today. Luckily we didn't get him too hot.

But these type of days, I think the coaches get a lot less sleep than the players. These guys, they just love to play and compete. But the coaches we get to sit there and keep chewing on the what-ifs. And those will cause you to lose a little sleep. But we were ready to go, and that's a credit to these players.

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