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June 2, 2023

Jay Sirianni

Justin Wishkoski

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Sam Houston Bearkats

Postgame Press Conference

Oregon State - 18, Sam Houston - 2

COACH SIRIANNI: Oregon State had a really good plan against our guy tonight. And when it gets out of hand like that in a hurry it's tough to play catch-up.

But I thought offensively we kind of got out of our approach a little bit. But you have to tip your hat to their arm. He did a really good job suffocating the strike zone and getting the lead-off guys. That's been our MO as of late is pressure. And they've done a -- they did a good job tonight.

Q. Just how would you describe Sellers, how he pitched and what did he have working for him, what made him so difficult to hit?

JUSTIN WISHKOSKI: Good job mixing it up all around the strike zone. And his breaking ball's working for him. And he was able to throw both pitches for strikes.

Q. Justin, what was said after the game in the dugout and how do you all look to rebound tomorrow?

JUSTIN WISHKOSKI: Just got to if flush it get rid of it, get ready to play tomorrow. We get to play tomorrow.

Q. How would you just describe their offensive performance tonight?

COACH SIRIANNI: Well, we knew they were going to be really aggressive in the strike zone and that's kind of Colt's MO, too, is being a strike thrower. We were elevated from the beginning of the game and really couldn't make the adjustment to get the ball down.

Had to use some guys that probably haven't pitched as much as the guys that we usually use. But I thought those guys did -- they did an all right job. That's a tough game for anybody to come into the bullpen when they had the momentum that they had.

Q. How do you just kind of move, you play at 2 tomorrow, and you used a lot of arms tonight. How do you get back to work and move forward?

COACH SIRIANNI: Well, I think the first thing is this group of guys, they're pretty special. They have very short memories. They work really hard. By about 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning you won't even know we played tonight. They're going to come out and act like it's Opening Day.

So we're just going to have to move on. We got Stevie going for us tomorrow and he'll do a good job at the front end. And I feel like we still have some bullpen arms that have helped us along the way that are still available. So tomorrow's a new day. It's a tough one.

Q. You came through the losers' bracket in the WAC tournament. Do you see similarities between that and this series?

COACH SIRIANNI: Oh, yeah. We played a really tough schedule. We've played on the road quite a bit. So for us to get off to a rough start hasn't been a shocker to us. We've been able to get through these things a few times.

And tomorrow's a new day. We've got a tough Tulane team that we'll have to play well from the beginning.

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