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June 1, 2023

Jannik Sinner

Paris, France

Press Conference


6-7, 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: English questions.

Q. Jannik, a question about the match. What happened? You had some opportunity. You didn't close out the match. What happened?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, what happened, that's a good question. I had my opportunities. I couldn't find a right way how to win the points. I was a little bit unfortunate at some points. Also match point I smashed, and he played it on the tape of the net.

But, you know, this is the sport. I will for sure come back stronger. I knew it was a tough last two tournaments, no? I put myself maybe a little bit too much expectations or pressure, call it however you want, and, you know, it's part of the game.

I feel like the season is going good. I played a lot of matches. But for sure the last two tournaments were not that what I was expecting, no?

It is a tough one to swallow, but, you know, I keep going.

Q. I think your last loss at each of the last four slams have been in a fifth set. Just wondering how frustrated you are by that and also what's maybe your explanation on why you can't quite close these close matches?

JANNIK SINNER: I also won tough matches, no? I lost tough matches, like everyone. As I said, this sport, you have to take the opportunities, no? I had loads of opportunities today. I couldn't find them.

Also last game I played a couple of bad decisions, shots. You know, this happens.

For sure also my attitude today on court was not like I am usually. No, I would need to be a little bit different, but, you know, these are days where you have to try to adapt. You have a little bit of pressure and this happens, no? Then we see in the next Grand Slam in Wimbledon how it goes.

Q. How much of this was down to -- you mentioned the last two tournaments were difficult, but your preparation was probably not what you would have liked it to have been. You were ill briefly. Do you think maybe that had some role in the way...


Q. When you were not well in the buildup to the tournament a couple of weeks ago, do you think that had some sort of effect today that maybe you haven't played enough?

JANNIK SINNER: Honestly, I felt very prepared for here, no? Mentally I felt good. Physically we were working hard. Long, long practice sessions.

It's tough, you know, when you work so hard and you don't take the reward, no? But, you know, this is not a sprint. This sport is a marathon, no? So I will keep going with the hard work, and I will also get my rewards, no?

This was, it's a tough one, yes, but it doesn't end here, no?

Q. A couple of years ago you were saying that you were playing to improve without looking too much at the results. Has this changed, or are you now more, you know, looking at the results?

JANNIK SINNER: For sure this year we set a goal to go to Turin. Also, a little bit you have to watch out for the results, but I also feel like I have lots of things where I can improve still.

Maybe in these two tournaments I was searching for good results, and this is my result what came out. So maybe I'm not the type of guy who has to aim for or to have very, very high expectation for myself, or that's what I think.

You know, everyone is different, no? I tried out also this. It didn't work at least for these two weeks, and then we will see in the future.

Q. A question related to your opponent today. What did he do well today? Where were the main problems?

JANNIK SINNER: Yeah, I think he served well. He's a good fighter, and his attitude today was better than mine, no? That's the only thing I can say, and that is just the result, that end result.

You know, these matches you can win or you can lose. Sometimes you're a little bit lucky. Sometimes no. But he played good, you know, so I'm very happy for him. And I will come back, no? This is what I'm aiming for, okay?

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