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June 1, 2023

Yana Wilson

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Liberty National Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Okay, here with Yana Wilson, our leading AJGA junior after the morning round. Really good round for you today. What were some of the highlights that you can take us through?

YANA WILSON: I don't really remember what holes I did everything on, but I remember making a couple long putts. The putter was really working well today, and I hit a couple good iron shots so I was proud of myself for that.

Q. What part of Liberty National would you say suits your game? Obviously this is an iconic course you're playing on.


Q. What sort of excited you about playing on it when it comes to your game?

YANA WILSON: I would say what excited me the most is probably the greens. They aren't the biggest, and when you're on them you really have to be careful of the breaks and all the slopes and everything, so I feel like that part really suited my game the most.

I do need to work on a little bit of off the tee though, so...

Q. Watching some of the LPGA players in front of you, did you get any opportunities to watch them? Were you aware of them? Were you just paying attention to what you were doing?

YANA WILSON: I was more so just paying attention to what I was doing. They were playing pretty fast so that was nice.

But, yeah, no, I was just kind of in the zone honestly. I was in my element and I was just dialed I guess today.

Q. Would you say this really feels like an LPGA Tour event? How is it different from like the events you play? What is it about it that makes it feel very professional out here?

YANA WILSON: No, totally. I played one LPGA event in my past before, the Hilton Grand Vacations, and I just want to say this is already better.

I don't know if you guys want to cut that out, but, yeah, no, this event has been so much fun because the pros are super into just being with us the whole week.

You know, we get to ask them questions and it's really awesome, and I love how inclusive it is. It's just been a great.


Q. What are you looking forward to most tomorrow? Any changes you're going to make to your game? Anything you'll do tonight that you're thinking about working on for tomorrow?

YANA WILSON: Yeah, I'm going to work a little bit on my driver since it kind of got away from me on a couple of holes that I could have birdied. Bogey-free doesn't hurt, but I definitely left a couple opportunities out there today.

But I would say that and probably just swinging smoother.

Q. Last question: I know you are playing Stableford scoring, but you considering looking at your scorecard and see how you may stack up with the LPGA field? Is that something you might look at, or no?

YANA WILSON: Yeah, no, definitely. I didn't look at the leaderboards too much today, but today I was more so focused on stroke play because the AJGA told us we had to keep or score anyway. So I was like, okay, I just want to see how low I can go compared to the LPGA girls.

I would say I did pretty well. We are playing different tees, but it's always fun challenging myself.

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