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June 1, 2023

Jason Day

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Quick Quotes

Q. Can you kind of describe your round today if you could.

JASON DAY: I drove it nice. Didn't hit a lot of good iron shots. Then short game was very scrappy. Putting was really bad.

Q. How's the wrist?

JASON DAY: It's okay. Yeah.

Q. The course is dry, it's hot, kind of unusual. Dryer than usual. How is it playing?

JASON DAY: It's actually playing quite fair. I think, I mean, rough is up, it's patchy. Certain areas you got to get lucky when you do hit it in the rough. But I feel like it's playing strong but fair overall.

Q. Is this course in any way prepare you for the U.S. Open, just because of the way Jack sets it up?

JASON DAY: Yeah, I would say so. Yeah, I mean, the rough this week, it's important to hit the fairways. This is definitely obviously a second shot golf course. The length is, I'm not sure how long it is, but we typically, he typically takes driver out of your hands here, for the most part. So I think in that regard not so much with the drivers, but definitely for irons and in like short game, putting and all that stuff.

Q. Anything to the extra yardage I think on 16 and 17?

JASON DAY: I don't like the 16th length. It's just not really a hole that should be playing at 220.

Q. The atmosphere today, how was it out there with the big crowds you guys had?

JASON DAY: Yeah, no, it was good. I think I was just noticing that Rory is walking off 1. I feel like the crowds are pretty big and I think tomorrow's going to be just as big. It's going to be 90 degrees tomorrow, so it's going to be warm. But it will be fun.

Q. Tomorrow you're teeing off in the afternoon, how is that going to change with the course and your game plan maybe?

JASON DAY: Yeah, it should firm it out a little bit more. I got to be patient with myself. I didn't make many birdies today, so hopefully make those up tomorrow.

Q. How much do you play out here and how much does it help you when the course is set up probably differently than it is for the tournament?

JASON DAY: I play four and a half rounds a year. Nine holes with a pro-am and then typically, or, depends, could be three and a half or two and a half or four and a half, depending. But, yeah, so just usually the week of.

Q. But it's got to be different than what you see during the course --

JASON DAY: I don't think so.

Q. Pretty close?

JASON DAY: I think Chad, the superintendent, I think he does a pretty good job of keeping things firm-ish to a certain degree. So, yeah, I think -- I just don't get over here enough. I should, I probably should, with the way that I played.

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