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June 1, 2023

Bo Hoag

Dublin, Ohio, USA

Muirfield Village

Quick Quotes

Q. Walk us through your round today.

BO HOAG: I got off to an interesting start. I bogeyed 1 and made a bunker shot on 2, it was kind of cool. So it was good to get that first birdie under my belt. The golf course is hard. It's a big-boy golf course. You got hit good shots. Hit some good ones today. A little loose sometimes. But overall I'm happy, I feel like I actually executed my shots for the most part and, yeah, just kind of got to have a good round to get back in it tomorrow.

Q. Can you sum up your season and kind of where you are in your career right now?

BO HOAG: Yeah, been playing mostly Korn Ferry Tour this year. And I played okay. I had a couple good finishes. I feel like I haven't quite put it all together yet this year. But I feel like every aspect of my game has been pretty good at some point. So kind of feel like I'm right there on the verge right now of just having a really good nine holes or a good 18 holes somewhere to kind of pep me up a little bit.

Q. You live in Florida, but it's going to be hot this week. Just how did you make it through today because it's going to be this, is probably the coolest.

BO HOAG: Yeah, I think, man, I probably went through about 12 Bodyarmor's out there on those tee boxes. Those were nice and cold. So, yeah, just a little sip of water after almost every shot. Which I think I did a pretty good job today.

Q. Still a lot of support out there for you. Did you hear it?

BO HOAG: Yeah, I loved it. I love it. No, it's really cool for me. I'm just, I'm grateful to be here, be able to do something like this. As a kid just, I mean, I just wanted to watch a couple shots on the range. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. Then kind of progressed a little bit. I can't believe this is actually my fifth Memorial Tournament already. Just feels like I never knew I was going to do that as a kid. So, yeah, I'm grateful and the fans and my family and friends just it's kind of fun to hit some good shots in front of 'em.

Q. I was with you on 8. What was it like when you sank that birdie and you heard that cheer on that green?

BO HOAG: Yeah, I kind of made a really good swing on that tee box. Hit a 7-iron. It's just going so far right now it's so hot out there. I think it was over 200, maybe 203 to the pin. It's different coming here maybe in April or something and hitting that. You might be, I told my caddie this could be a 4-iron when I'm back here normally and now it's a 7-iron. But hit a pretty good putt. I wasn't sure if it was going to break and it kind of did at the last second. So that was cool. That's one of my, might be my favorite hole on the course too.

Q. What are some of those things that you're hearing people yell out to you when you go from hole to hole on those greens?

BO HOAG: O-H and Go Bo. So it's cool. I mean, I love it. It's awesome. It's a cool thing that I'm able to do. Like I said, I'm grateful for it and yeah, I love to just see if I can put together some string of good shots.

Q. Tomorrow what adjustments are you going to have to make with the afternoon round, it's going to get hotter, and your game from today to tomorrow?

BO HOAG: Yeah, I think, yeah, overall just a little more commitment on my shots. I always feel like when I played this tournament Thursday's the hardest day for me just to kind of handle everything, kind of just kind of calm down and go play some golf. So I feel like once I get done with Thursday -- I had some good rounds on Friday here on a couple occasions. So not the score I wanted to shoot today, but I feel like I kind of just checked that box and I'm done and I can kind of just, we're started and we're going, so...

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