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October 15, 2003

Feliciano Lopez


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Spanish for Feliciano and Alex.

Q. Do you both think you're going to play the doubles in the final of the Davis Cup?

ALEX CORRETJA: Captains are to answer this because our impression is really good. We had a match point we let go. But we played really well. If there is doubles, it's for them to choose and decide.

Q. Feliciano, can you tell us something about the match, too?

FELICIANO LOPEZ: I felt very well. It was a pity because gradually during the match, we were playing better. We lost two points.

ALEX CORRETJA: Wasn't it one (laughter)? I think it was a different match for me.

FELICIANO LOPEZ: No, two. Well, whatever, it was a pity anyway. It's a positive impression, the one I get. Felt good with Corretja. It was a good experience.

Q. What do you two value from each other's game? Why do you think you complement each other?

ALEX CORRETJA: When he serves, it's really easy because his serve is really powerful. We gain confidence. We get to the net earlier. Throughout the match, he returned better each time. That's something easy to control and to improve. He covers a wide area on the court. That's good. I think it was a very good match, to be the first one we played together. Well, it's been a surprise to me. We were close to winning. That hurts.

Q. Feliciano?

FELICIANO LOPEZ: I think the most important thing is that he has clear in his mind what he has to do in the important, crucial moments of the match. I feel comfortable when I serve, and I know he's at the net to cover that area, and that we're going to be able to finish the point. It's not easy to hit a volley, but he's there, and that's very useful, too. I feel comfortable and I think he can help me a lot.

Q. Did you have this feeling you knew each other from a tennis point of view, that it wasn't the first match you played together?

FELICIANO LOPEZ: Yeah, we know each other, even though we haven't played together. We've trained together. It's true it doesn't mean anything to know each other as singles players because when you're in doubles, you have to complement each other. It feels good.

Q. Do you have plans as a team for the future? Do you have an invitation for Paris?

ALEX CORRETJA: No, we've asked for the invitations for any tournament. It's not in our hands. It's a pity we had this chance, that we didn't grab it. But our impression is excellent. You cannot ask for anything else.

Q. What have they told you? Have you seen the captains?

ALEX CORRETJA: Yeah, we've seen them. But they didn't say anything really. Just congratulations because of how we played.

Q. What about statistics, the hours you trained before this match? How many?


Q. It was the first time?

ALEX CORRETJA: Never, ever.

FELICIANO LOPEZ: Are you talking about doubles together training?

Q. Yes, about training.

ALEX CORRETJA: No. There's been no doubles training, nothing. We just got on the court as two beasts, and we thought, "Let's play." That's why we're surprised. I don't want to repeat myself again, but, yeah, we were surprised. We played great. It was a pity we didn't win.

Q. Compare this doubles and the last you played in Davis Cup.

ALEX CORRETJA: I don't like comparisons. I don't like to compare my game about Albert and Feliciano. I feel great with Albert. I'm his friend, his colleague till I die. But the same happens with Feliciano. I feel comfortable together. But I don't want to repeat myself. It's not I feel comfortable with one or the other. Otherwise it would be me the one who would be choosing, and that's not fair.

Q. Do you usually play on that side of the court?

FELICIANO LOPEZ: I usually play there. I haven't played too many doubles on the circuit. I played on the same side as Alex. I played with Francis. I felt good today, I felt comfortable playing on that side. It's true that I am learning, but I think my level improved throughout the match.

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