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May 25, 2023

Duncan Robinson

Miami Heat

Game 5: Postgame

Boston Celtics 110, Miami Heat 97

Q. Obviously it's not optimal to go without Gabe with all he's done, and being without Tyler and being without Vic, a bunch of other guys. You stepped up today, Haywood stepped up today. How important is it for you other guys to sort of, here we are, we are willing to give what we can to do a little more and more collectively with three main guards out?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Yeah, we know that one person isn't going to replace what Gabe, Tyler, Vic bring. So it's kind of got to be by committee. I thought H, for somebody who hasn't played yet in this series, to come in and step up like that is a really encouraging sign. He has earned that opportunity and does a lot behind the scenes to be prepared for a moment like that.

We are not here for moral victories. So that's why we are shifting all our focus to Saturday.

Q. What adjustments has Boston made in the last two games to really make things tough for Bam and Jimmy in the paint?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Yeah, they are playing faster, for sure. Shooting more threes, which is a little bit more their identity that they have kind of had throughout the season. We are not surprised by that. Kind of knew that's what it was going to be. Just got to make it difficult and continue to make it hard. They are a good team, talented players. We have got some guys as well, so just continue to make it difficult.

Q. What was Spo's main message after this one?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Just to really not forget this. Shift our focus to Saturday, but let this sting. Let this carry with us, and do what it takes to just maintain that edge that we play our best with.

Q. Coach just talked about the energy the Celtics brought early, but their defensive energy they brought, the grabbing and closing in on guys, it's a change from the first three games. Can you talk about the Celtics' defense tonight?

DUNCAN ROBINSON: Yeah, playing in front of a home crowd like that, they were flying around making plays. We expected that. They are a good team. They can do it on both ends. They have done it on both ends all year. But we are a good team. I don't want to say we were surprised by it, but they raised their level and we've got to adjust. We've got to raise ours as well.

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