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May 25, 2023

Linn Grant

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, a tie yesterday and a win today for Linn Grant. What has the last two days been like for you?

LINN GRANT: Well, both up and down I would say. I think that's what this course gives you. I mean, it's a really challenging place, and if you can go out there and make some solid pars you're on a great start, I think.

I struggled a bit yesterday. I think I learned the course a bit more and be a bit more safe I would say and just play for par instead of being too aggressive and hitting over the green and ending up in the wrong places.

So great day yesterday against Maddie, and really good day against Matilda.

Q. She came out strong getting the lead quick; you were able to combat that quickly. What were some of those holes like for you and what were you changing on the fly?

LINN GRANT: I think I just had a mindset that it is a tough golf course, so like anything can happen on any hole. You just have to keep hitting fairways and trying to hit those greens. A lot of times you win a hole on par because it is tough, so that was sort of just my mindset.

And then on the back nine just trying to push through and be mentally strong.

Q. Taking it to all 18 holes today.


Q. Yes. Those closing holes are really a formidable bunch.


Q. How would you assess the last couple holes for you?

LINN GRANT: I mean, I think they're really tough, especially 17. Yesterday I didn't even finish 17 and today -- I think it's really hard to get a good club and also the greens being so firm and you have a very shallow green.

It is tough, especially when you're coming down the stretch and you're nervous and you want to do well to just play it simple. You try that at least.

Q. What's it been like to have two days of match play under your belt? Taking it all 18 holes. How are you conserving your energy knowing that we've still got another round of group play tomorrow and then potentially a weekend?

LINN GRANT: I haven't really thought about it. I just think match play is such a -- it's a light game. You don't really take the same amount of time. It goes quite fast. You're not stuck in your own game. You're like always up for something new on the next hole.

So I think it doesn't quite bring you down in terms of energy in the same way stroke play does. I'm just going to continue to play, and hopefully play a little less tomorrow, but I hope it's going to be a good game tomorrow.

Q. Two days of 18 holes for you. I don't think a lot of people can say that this week. What does it say to you that you're able to take it that far and still have the energy and the game to get through it?


Q. When it comes to match play. I know we play 18 holes every single round, rounds are 18 holes. But especially with match play you're wanting to get off that course early rather than late.


Q. So what does it say about the resilience about being able to take it home or being able to still get that half point from yesterday?

LINN GRANT: Right. Well, I just think I know that a lot of people feel that way, so if I try to not feel that way I have some sort of up on everyone else. So that's what I tell myself at least.

But I really just enjoy playing match play. It's so much fun. I just enjoy being out there. I don't really mind playing all 18, as long as you're doing your best, and if I can get to play as much golf on this golf course as possible, I think I'll know it by hopefully the last day.

So, yeah.

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