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May 25, 2023

Celine Boutier

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Taking it to 17 holes, it was definitely a tough day for everyone. Just what was this day like for you?

CELINE BOUTIER: Actually started really well. I managed to win a few holes in the front and got a pretty good lead after ten holes.

And then Sarah came back and made some really good putts in the back to come back. Went down to 1-up after 15, but was able to finish on a really strong birdie on 16 and a good par finish on 17.

So, yeah, it was definitely very stressful, but very glad to be done with it.

Q. What's it like to be back at this event and be back playing match play, which we know you do so well?

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, I mean, I haven't come here since the first time, so it was two years ago, but definitely today I was just like, you know, I feel like I just love this course so much and it's such a perfect setup for match play, too.

So I feel like I'm just really enjoying playing this course and also the challenges of having a different match every day I think is quite fun. Very tiring, but quite fun.

Q. If I remember correctly, when you won in Phoenix you said you really hated having to be in a playoff with Georgia. What makes match play different than being in a playoff? Was it just a friendship there?

CELINE BOUTIER: I think mainly the friendship, yeah. I'm not a very like confrontational person, so I feel like especially when I play with people I like or like my friends, it's definitely a little bit more difficult.

But, I mean, I think I've played a lot of match play before and we all know that we're doing our job. We're all trying to win and be the best, so no hard feelings there.

Q. As you're going through, do you see any friends in your path that you're going to have to beat?

CELINE BOUTIER: It's honestly too early to tell, and I'm focusing on one match at a time and go through the first few matches and see from there.

Q. You say this is a good match play course. What makes it such a good course for match play?

CELINE BOUTIER: I think because it's very difficult, demanding off the tee, but also on the approach shots.

I feel like because of the different setup that they can use with the tee boxes and the pin positions, it just makes it really interesting. I feel like there are a lot of -- a few birdie chances on the par-5s and stuff like that. They moved a tee up on 11 to make it reachable, which is fun.

But there is also a lot of consequences if you miss shots. So I feel like it's definitely easier in a way in match play because you can just get over it. You know you're going to make some mistakes. Everyone is going to.

But, yeah, it's just a little bit just interesting because you play a different course every day with different pin locations and the tee boxes.

Q. Leona said this is a major championship caliber course. Would you agree with that?

CELINE BOUTIER: Oh, yeah, for sure.

Q. One more me. Vegas is always interesting and exciting. What is it about coming back here? Have you been able to do anything off the course, or just rest as much as possible knowing that these days are long and hot?

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, I actually the first I played here, which was two years ago, I tried to explore a little bit more. This year I'm definitely focusing on saving my legs for the rest of week if I have the chance to go through.

So I have definitely been trying to save up on energy.

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