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May 25, 2023

Sophia Schubert

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Sophia Schubert. Sophia, a hard-fought victory against Brooke Henderson. Just take me through what the second day was like for you.

SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, it was hard fought. I knew going into it it was going to be a really good match. Brooke is an incredible player. She's a really tough competitor.

So I just thought, you know, stay patient. It's going to go back and forth all day, but that is okay.

If you lose a couple strokes you can easily get them back out here on this course it's so tough. So I just stayed patient all day.

Q. This was definitely a back nine story to tell.


Q. How were you feeling as you made the turn in those last couple holes? What was going through your mind?

SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Yeah, as I made the turn I was down I guess one or -- I think so, one, and so I was up two early on and then lost some strokes. Made a couple mistakes, so making the turn 1-down was a little defeating, but my caddie, George, was like, hey, you can easily get it back; you did it yesterday.

And those are tough holes coming in. With the wind picking up it was hard to hold greens. I knew that just making pars and minimizing my mistakes I would be able to gain a few back, so, yeah.

Q. I feel like we heard it on the TV broadcast a little bit, but how much of Evian creeped into your mind, the two of you in the same pairing once again?

SOPHIA SCHUBERT: You have no idea. (Laughter.) I had people texting me being like, oh, this is awesome. It's like a rematch. We didn't get to play together at Evian, but it was definitely fun to be able to battle it out out there after that.

I knew this was one that I really wanted to win, and so I'm happy I was able to do it.

Q. How much have you been looking forward to an event like this? Match play is unlike anything we usually get on a week to week basis.

SOPHIA SCHUBERT: I've really been looking forward it match play. I haven't played match play since, gosh, since college.

Q. I was about to ask.

SOPHIA SCHUBERT: Palmer Cup actually at Evian. That was my last match play event. Curtis Cup and then Palmer Cup.

So I've really been looking forward to it. My game at home has been really good and coming out here I just haven't performed like I have been playing at home, so I was like, you know, match play it's a different mindset. You can go out fearless.

So I feel like it's a good turning point for me in the season.

Q. You kind of touched on this briefly. You had a whole string of missed cuts lately.


Q. Does it help to be in an event that's not a stroke play event to break that cycle?

SOPHIA SCHUBERT: It helps tremendously. In a stroke play event you can get out there and kind of get a little scared and uptight. You don't want to make mistakes.

But out here with match play, you make a mistake and it's just one stroke, one hole.

So I think for me personally, I mean, yeah, it's just been mental all year. My game is there but mentally I've just been a little scared out there, so I think that this going forward is really going to help me have more of a fearless mindset.

Q. When you saw the draw and saw Brooke in your pod, was that intimidating at all or you look forward to that?

SOPHIA SCHUBERT: No, I was excited to play with Brooke. We went back and forth at Evian and then I got to play with her actually in Canada last year when there were probably 10,000 people there cheering for her.

So that was really awesome to be able to do that. And she's a really nice girl and great player, so I was looking forward to it.

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