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May 25, 2023

Maddie Szeryk

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Maddie Szeryk. You grabbed the lead from the jump and really never let it go. What was working for you today?

MADDIE SZERYK: My putter. I made a lot of big putts early and just kind of kept that momentum going.

But my putter was huge today.

Q. Was there any specific putts or saves you made that you were like, all right, it's working today?

MADDIE SZERYK: Well, the first like four holes I made like a 7-footer, a 15-footer, another 15-footer for par, so just to kind of stay in it.

Then made a good one on 11 I believe -- or 12. 12, a good birdie. Just barely went in, so that was good to keep the back nine going.

Q. You get 3-up, even 4-up towards the end. When you have such a lead, are you still focusing on the match or are you trying to learn intricacies of the course for tomorrow and maybe later on in the tournament?

MADDIE SZERYK: Shall. It's mostly focusing on the match and trying to finish today. Not focusing too much on tomorrow and just trying to stay in the shot.

Q. Speaking of your round in general, going up against the defending champion, what kind of confidence does that give you to put on a performance like that against her?

MADDIE SZERYK: Yeah, it's pretty great. I saw I was playing with her and I was like, oh, gosh, of course.

But it was great to play with her and just to take a lot of positives from it.

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