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May 25, 2023

Adilson Da Silva

Frisco, Texas, USA

Quick Quotes

PGA Frisco

Q. 5-under 67 for you. How would you summarize your round today?

ADILSON da SILVA: Oh, sort of an -- I putted nicely today. Also, I missed one or two tee shots, but most of it is quite good. So I kept it in play. I kept giving myself some good lines into the greens. Hitting from the fairway makes such a big difference on these greens, because they're quite fast. So, yeah, just kept giving myself opportunities.

Q. Obviously a great start for you today. What will be maybe your focus tomorrow during round 2?

ADILSON da SILVA: Just going to try and do the same thing. Just try to get the tee shot going, get myself in the right spots. The greens are so good, so just got to knock one or two early on there. It makes such a big difference mentally. The thing is, I spent a lot of time on the putting green because I haven't really putted on greens this quick for a long time. So, but the thing is, if you just get it on line it's just, it's amazing. It's just beautiful to putt on it.

Q. Do you have a highlight or two from the round today?

ADILSON da SILVA: Well, I holed my third shot on 1 today. So I left it like hanging on the hole. So that was kind of a nice way to start. Yeah.

Q. Oh, you almost holed it or holed it?

ADILSON da SILVA: I almost holed it. So, yeah, so.

Q. A wedge or something?

ADILSON da SILVA: It was just a lob wedge from 85 meters out. So it's nice to start like that, because it's sort of like you tend to relax a little bit more. Get your mind on it slowly. But, yeah, that was a good shot.

Q. You played and won all over the world. How has that helped you as a player?

ADILSON da SILVA: Yeah, look, I was fortunate enough to travel around and get experience. I think in this game there's no shortcuts. You got to put the work and traveling in. In fact, it's my first time to America and people say it's big and better and it is. It's an eye opener. It's an amazing place, amazing people, amazing golf course. It's just incredible.

Q. First time in America?

ADILSON da SILVA: First time. Yeah, I wish I came earlier, but, yeah, I just turned 50 a year and a half ago, so I just started to play at the Legends Tour in Europe last year. I played quite good and finished second on the Order of Merit, so that gave me entrance here and also in the U.S. Open. So, yeah, I'm really, really excited to be here.

Q. Where did you come in here from?

ADILSON da SILVA: We played last in Austria, and a week before in South Africa. So this is my third week on the road.

Q. The travel doesn't faze you physically, just...

ADILSON da SILVA: Yeah, for the first day or two we got here. I got here on a Sunday night. So Monday and Tuesday felt a little bit. Then also playing a golf tournament the week before, it was a little bit stressful. But, yeah, no, just managed to chill and then appreciate the nice weather and the golf course.

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