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May 25, 2023

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Frisco, Texas, USA

Quick Quotes

PGA Frisco

Q. 4-under 68 for you today. What do you think you did well out there?

MIGUEL √ĀNGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Well my game it was quite solid, all parts of the game, I think. Bogey-free round. Been a couple of times in the bunkers on the first hole where I made a nice bunker shot. I didn't make a birdie there. But on the next hole from the bunker close there to the hole and saved that one. The rest is more birdies. Neat. Missing some birdies on the way back. Also make a good recovery on the hole number 7 I think. Good approach. Put the ball like five foot and make the putt for par. And the rest is consistent. Good. Feel confident on the golf course.

Q. Pretty hard golf course to go bogey-free?

MIGUEL √ĀNGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Well, the golf course is okay. But to make it bogey-free around here is not easy. You always have situations, no? But the golf course, it's a generous fairways and everything is in very good condition and it's nice through everything, you know. The golf course is nice. It's a good test. We have the weather is perfect. Just a little breeze there. It's allowing you to hit good shots and make birdies. I think it's fair. Pretty fair, the golf course.

Q. You said the fairways are generous. But the medium length hitter can play well here too, right?

MIGUEL √ĀNGEL JIM√ČNEZ: Yeah, yeah, no, the young people here hit it too long now (laughing.) But still good distance. I played with Stewart Cink and Robert, both long hitters both of them. Obviously you got a couple par-5s that you can reach in two if you hit a good drive and that is always comfortable. The fairways are generous, they're nice. It's good. It's good for everyone. I think the golf course is, all the way from tee to the green, it's the same width and things. It's not -- it's fine. It's good.

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