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May 25, 2023

Carlota Ciganda

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Carlota Ciganda. You and match play are almost one in the same. Two wins now this week. Just walk me through what day two was like for you.

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, it wasn't easy playing against Pornanong. I mean, she's a great player, great putter. I knew that, so I just tried to give myself lots of chances.

I didn't start great. I was 2-down after three holes but then I made a really good birdie on 4.

I won 6 as well.

We made a birdie on 7.

Then I was 1-up after 9, so that was nice.

Great putt on 10.

And then she came back. She made a really good birdie on the on 11.

I hit a bad driver on 12, so we were tied and six holes to play, and then I just play really good the last few holes.

Yeah, great shot on 13 for a good par.

14 she hit it in the water so that was a par for me and I won the hole.

And then, yeah, finish with a birdie on 16, which it was really nice, and happy to get it done.

Q. When Pornanong got up 2-up early, what was the mindset for you? Did you switch anything up within yourself to kind of change?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I think you have to be patient here. I think you can hit good shots, and the greens are pretty firm and fast, so anything can happen.

I think you have to keep playing the same strategy: try to hit as many greens as possible, give yourself lots of birdie chances. I think you can win a lot of the holes with pars because it's just some tricky pins out there, some firm greens.

So, yeah, really patient out there and play my game.

Q. You've been on the road for a few weeks. We were just talking about this is your third week on the road. You're playing next week. Coming off a win last week. How are you feeling in your game even leading up to this?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good. Obviously after the win you have some confidence for sure. Yeah, I think I've been working pretty hard the last couple months.

I'm ready. I'm ready for the next few weeks. Ready for the summer. I'm excited for what's coming.

Q. What do you like most about Shadow Creek just in general? This is a difficult course, but it's definitely one that challenges our players this week.

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I mean, it's just tricky. You have to be really good with your numbers and obviously where to bounce. I feel like the front pins can be tough because the greens are pretty firm and fast, so you're going to have some 20-, 30-footers for birdie, and as I said, you can win with some pars some of the holes.

So I think I patience is key this week.

Q. For you, we talked a little bit about how much you love match play. What's it like to be back here again and playing this event knowing what's to come this fall?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I mean, I love match play. I think it's just in my blood. I mean, I love playing against an opponent in front of me. I just remember from my amateur career when I used to play for Spain and it's just really good memories.

Obviously Solheim Cup, playing five of the them, it's just amazing the atmosphere. Just feels like a Sunday every day. For me it's like going down on a Sunday, yeah, trying to win the tournament. I feel match play is very similar, so that's why I love it and I get that adrenaline and I just really want to win.

Q. What will you take from these first two days as y9ou head into final group play tomorrow with hopefully the weekend ahead of you?

CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, just try to keep the same. I think after two days we know the course a little better, how it's playing. The wind I think is going to be very similar the next couple days.

So I think it's nice having these two days and getting to know the course a little better. Then tomorrow have a tough match against Gaby, one of my good friends, so I know she's going to be fighting and trying to beat me.

Hopefully, yeah, it's a good match and I can beat her.

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