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May 25, 2023

Davis Love

Frisco, Texas, USA

Quick Quotes

PGA Frisco

Q. What did you think of your first round out there today?

DAVIS LOVE III: It was entertaining. I was kind of all over the place and missing putts and then kind of got it together a little bit on the back nine and made a few birdies. But it's a tricky golf course. If you're not thinking well and you're not hitting it well, it's going to make you pay the price. But if you hit good shots and roll it well, it will give you some birdies. So I had a tale of two nines out there today.

Q. Your health good? I know you battled some stuff getting here. But does it feel pretty good now?

DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, battled some stuff for awhile, but, yeah, I'm pretty good. Making some progress with a little bit of a grip and swing change to try to avoid some of my problems. So it's a work in progress, but I really wanted to play this golf course and obviously wanted to play the Senior PGA Championship. I've been at Colonial a lot instead of this Senior PGA and then I've been hurt, so it's nice to finally get to play in it. What a great place to start playing.

Q. What made you want to play this golf course so much?

DAVIS LOVE III: Well I heard a lot about it from the PGA and from Gil and from Bo Welling and I like their style of golf courses. So I think I would probably would rather come a couple weeks ago and stayed and hung out and got a feel for it. But it's going to be a really cool place for a golf trip because you got two great golf courses and so much other things to do. I want to play the short course and I want to play the putting course and all that kind of stuff. So I was excited to come see it, because it's such a massive project and I've heard about it really for three or four years.

Q. What do you find the biggest test of Gil's golf course?

DAVIS LOVE III: It never let's up. They always say, Well, it's right there in front of you. Well, it's not right there in front of you, you got to figure it out. There's all kinds of little challenges that you wouldn't get a lot of places. I played a few of his courses and watched a few of 'em on TV lately and you just have to think about every shot. A lot of times out there I started thinking I was playing like a Kapalua hole or a Seminole hole. Like if I hit it over there it will end up over there. Even the last hole I hit a 4-iron in and there's no hole, there's no pin. You don't even shoot at the pin. You shoot into the hill in the back left corner and hope you don't hit it in the bunker and catch the slope. So there's a lot of British Open kind of thinking out there. Linksy course on a big horse farm.

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