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May 25, 2023

Corey Pavin

Frisco, Texas, USA

Quick Quotes

PGA Frisco

Q. 1-under 71 for you today. How would you summarize your round for us?

COREY PAVIN: Well, first of all, you got a great voice. I'll say that. (Laughing.) Summarize the round? Well I haven't played a lot of golf lately. So it was actually, all in all, it was good to shoot 1-under. But a little disappointing to bogey 7 and 8 coming in. But made a nice par putt on 9 which was good.

So overall if you would have told me 1-under before I started the round I probably would have been happy with it. But after I was 3-under I would have not been as happy with it.

Q. Can you walk us through your hole-in-one?

COREY PAVIN: Sure. Do you want me to start on 10 and walk you there you my round or just get to 4.

Q. Just to 4.

COREY PAVIN: Yeah, I got on 4 and actually the conditions today were very similar to Tuesday in the pro-am. So it was almost exact same yardage. I hit the wrong club in the pro-am and I hit the right club today. And I just got up and hit a really nice 4-iron, just a little draw and I was just watching it in the air thinking, I hope it comes down on the green where I want it to. And it did, it came down maybe 30 feet, 25 feet short of the hole and we just watched it roll over the ridge and go right towards the cup and then there was no golf ball on the green anymore, it went right into the hole. So it was pretty exciting.

Kenny Perry said, That's the second time you made a hole-in-one with me. And I went, Really, what was the first time? And he said the '92 Masters on 16. And I remembered what he was talking about. So Kenny is my good luck charm apparently.

So it's always fun to make a hole in one. We have a hole-in-one club on the Champions Tour, so I'll be collecting some money from some people, which is great.

Q. You collect as the most recent hole-in-one? One earlier than you today.

COREY PAVIN: No, I don't know if he's in the hole-in-one club. But on the TOUR -- actually Kenny already paid me. He's a -- fast pay makes for fast friends, so he's already given me the loot.

Q. How many people are in the club?

COREY PAVIN: I'm not sure. I'm just hoping a lot are playing this week because you have to be playing the tournament. So I'm hoping there's 40 or 50 that are playing this week. I'll find out soon, trust me.

Q. How many hole-in-ones do you have?

COREY PAVIN: That's a good question. I know of 15 for sure that I have made and I feel like I've missed a few. But I think that's my, it's either my 7th or 8th in competition, on TOUR.

Q. 16 at Augusta is pretty nice, but --

COREY PAVIN: That was nice.

Q. But is there a more memorable one? Car win or anything?

COREY PAVIN: No, I never made one to win a car. But it was pretty cool today. Just, it was a hard shot. That was probably, I would say, probably the most difficult one I made. I made one at 10 at Kemper. Help me. Where did we play? A U.S. Open course and I'm drawing a blank.

Q. Where? What city?


Q. Congressional?

COREY PAVIN: Congressional. Yeah. I made a hybrid there, which was on 10, which was pretty good. But this one was pretty tough. It's a tough hole. At least the one I made with the hybrid was pretty calm. Into the wind with -- it was a pretty tough shot.

So the one at Augusta was pretty cool. I don't know, do we get crystal for making a hole-in-one here or anything.

Q. Maybe you get a mixer.

COREY PAVIN: Yeah, I got a nice bowl from Augusta. That, that one at Augusta was kind of neat. It was on Friday and I was kind of on the cut line and I made that one and then I actually shot 135 on the weekend and finished third. So that one has a pretty special meaning in that regard.

Q. You're a member at Los Colinas?

COREY PAVIN: That's correct. Los Colinas Country Club.

Q. How long have you lived in the area and why did you end up kind of settling here?

COREY PAVIN: Well, I lived here from 2000 to 2010 and then moved to L.A. and then came back in June of 2020. Why did I move back? Well, I was tired of paying taxes in California, so that's the bottom line. Cost of living and all that stuff. I like Dallas a lot. Dallas is a really nice city. And PGA of America's here now. So it's even better.

Q. How much of this property have you taken in?

COREY PAVIN: I saw the course two and a half years ago, I came out with some folks and drove around the golf course, which was mostly done. It was seeded and you could really see the course. I remembered it really well.

Then I came back last Wednesday, eight days ago and I walked the golf course just to see it again. But I was amazed at two and a half years ago I was out here it was just, everything that's built, the driving range, all the buildings was just dirt. And it wasn't even leveled. Then I came out here and then all this is here. It's amazing property. I know the PGA of America's happy about it and Omni is happy about it. The facility is, it's awesome. I mean, I think I would like to come here on vacation and stay at the hotel and go to the Firehouse and eat and drink and then when it got dark play the par-3 under the lights and have fun. So there's a lot of fun things to do out here besides just playing golf. The little putting green out here is fun too it looks like. So it's a pretty cool place. I know there's, I spoke with the Omni people and they're really pleased with the bookings they have had already. And it's a great location. Central United States. And it's pretty special place to come out and hang out.

Q. You've always been real supportive of the military with the stuff you do with Dan and the Folds. Did I see you do something this week with the PGA folks?

COREY PAVIN: For Hope, yeah, right.

Q. What did you do -- and can you talk a little bit about the connection you have there.

COREY PAVIN: How much time we got? Well for me it started when I went over to Iraq. I went over in 2006 and 2009 with a group of golfers. That's my connection to getting involved with military charities. I met Lieutenant Dan, I don't know what he's, maybe he's Captain now, I don't know, and got involved with Folds of Honor. But you know, Julius e-mailed me and I eventually e-mailed back asking to come do this on Monday for the veterans of north Texas. It's a slam dunk for me to say yes. It was great out there. Some good interaction with 'em. What the PGA of America's doing to let them come out here and practice and play is a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. I was just out there Monday to say thank you to them for serving. We wouldn't have -- as I told them, we wouldn't have places like this if it wasn't for them serving. And they ensure our freedom, put their lives on the line. I mean, how do you say thank you to that besides thank you? There's no quantitative thing you can do but just to support 'em and say thanks is all I really can do, but, you know, it's the most I can do and that's what I want to do. So I'm just proud of the military, what they do and what they have to put up with. And it's just sad that they're not taken care of better, but I think there's a lot of people that are seeing that and they have been taking care of them a lot better in the last, gosh, 15, 20 years now, I think. So it's great to see.

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