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May 24, 2023

Stacy Lewis

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Stacy Lewis. Stacy, we were just coming up here saying, I wish I had a camera on that match the entire time.


Q. Both great shots out there. Just walking away, how relieved are you that it's over?

STACY LEWIS: I just told my caddie I was happy that I got the win because I felt like I played really good today, so would've been disappointing to not get a win.

Just pulled off a couple really good shots there at the end of the match. It was crazy though. I think I was -- I think I made -- gosh, I think I was 4-under at one point and I was only 1-up through nine holes. It was just that kind of match where we were going back and forth. We halved holes with birdies, and Gemma made some really good ups and downs.

It was solid all the way around for both of us.

Q. I know the both of you are quite the competitors. Did you feel that competitive edge with each other just bouncing off each other, knowing both your games are there?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, I mean, there were times in the fairways we were within a couple yards of each other. We were right next to each other all day. She hit probably a few more fairways than I did. Her scorecard is probably a little cleaner.

But, yeah, I got a little better lie on 17 so I was able to get up and, and then she didn't hit a very good drive on 18 and I hit a good shot in there and kind of sealed the deal.

She played great. I mean, it worries me a little bit for Solheim Cup. Other than that, good to get the win today.

Q. I won't touch that yet. Maybe later in the week.


Q. Just looking at 15, being able to tie it back up, how crucial was 15 for you?

STACY LEWIS: 15 was huge, because I -- to go through the entire hole she hits first, hits it right down the middle. I hit it in the right rough. Have 180 yards carrying water and I actually laid up because I couldn't hold the green.

She pulls her iron shot pretty far left. I wedge it to about 10, 12 feet. She hits her chip to probably 20 and misses the putt. And then I made this super fast downhiller for par.

Is was much for eventful than the scorecard looked. Yeah, 15 was huge just to get the momentum back. We both unfortunately made a mess of 16. But, yeah, pulled it out at the end.

Q. I'm going to have you put on your Solheim hat for now. Since this is a match play event, how much are you paying attention to the girls that are playing here?

STACY LEWIS: I'm watching for sure. It's not a live or die thing. If they happen to lose some matches it's not a big deal. I want to see some fight out of them. If they get down, I want to see if they can come back.

I'm looking more at that than the result of the match. I think it's great experience to get to play match play. We have our team, the Dow team event, but it's stroke play so it's just very different than the match play.

And the momentum, when you got to -- know you have to be aggressive at times, so it's great. I love that we have a number of Americans playing and it's a great thing.

Q. Along that same line, you have a number of Americans who aren't here.


Q. How disappointed is that, or is that their schedule to set?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, it's the schedule. I think we've talked about it every year with this tournament, is we got to find a better place in the schedule for it. It's right at the beginning of a really busy stretch of majors, so it's just really tough on their schedules.

So, I mean, I'm not super concerned that they're not here. Obviously I want them to play well at major championships more than anything, so whatever helps them play well at majors, that's what I'm going to be supportive of.

Q. One more from me. Playing against someone like Gemma who's vying for the European Team, was it cool to get that insight or were you just so focused on your own game?

STACY LEWIS: Yeah, we talked about Solheim a little bit today. I said, you have to be close, right? Yeah, I think I am.

So it's fun to see the other side of it, right? I've been doing this for a number of years and she's trying to make her first one.

But the way she's playing, the win last year, I mean, pretty sure she's going to be on that team and she's going to be tough to beat.

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