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May 24, 2023

Jenny Shin

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, here with Las Vegas' own, Jenny Shin. We were just talking about being home and getting ready for a tournament, but how much did that help in the fact of getting ready for a day like today?

JENNY SHIN: It just felt like I was in a very comfortable place. The only downside is that 35-minute drive. I try not to stay so far away from the golf course, but sleeping in my own bed and being around a familiar environment is really everything.

Q. How much are you able to get out to Shadow Creek, if at all? Do you come by when you can?

JENNY SHIN: No. This is a very exclusive --

Q. Very.

JENNY SHIN: This is for I think casino guests and I'm not with MGM.

Q. What is your home course here?

JENNY SHIN: I'm a member at Southern Highlands and Spanish Trail.

Q. Switching gears to match play in general and what match play was like, walk me through what today was like.

JENNY SHIN: You know what, I had a very interesting match. There was a lot of mind warfare going on with my opponent. Like the first few holes she wasn't giving me a putt that was like less than a foot from the hole.

I was like, all right. I see how this is going. So we were -- I mean, up until the last five holes we were playing some petty games out there.

I'm not sure if she was intentional or not, but being out here for 13 years playing different match plays my entire life I was like, I've never experienced this before.

But really told myself not to get into my own head. Just stick to the process I usually do. I thought today's goal is like 3-, 4-under par and I think I shot 3-under today. Good day overall.

Q. Being able to win 3 & 2, as you talk about the mind games that you had, what does that do going into the next rounds of pool play as well?

JENNY SHIN: I don't know Leona very well. I know she's like a silent assassin. You know, tomorrow is going to be the day where I just stay patient and just play my own game and not really pay attention to what she's doing, because that no expression, that stoic, that mono personality that she has, it could get in your head if you try to play around with that.

Tomorrow I think I'll just be talking to my caddie and keeping it quiet.

Q. How much do you enjoy match play?

JENNY SHIN: Oh, I love it. I love getting in people's head. I love messing around. It's really like interesting to watch how other people react on certain situations. I get to learn about myself as well, so it's fun.

Q. I know it's different from what we play week to week to week out here. Do you prepare any differently? Do you kind of have to set your mentality any differently or mindset knowing that maybe there is more competitiveness or more mind games that you wouldn't be used to in an individual stroke play event?

JENNY SHIN: Absolutely. Stroke play is more like shot by shot. You're just really not looking at the leaderboard and not chasing the leaderboard. You just really you have to excel, when in match play it could really be just a banter between the other player.

You don't need to have a 7-under, 6, 7-under score. You just really need to beat that one person. There is definitely a different dynamic, chemistry between each player.

So, yeah, but I wouldn't do anything different to prepare for this. I just stay observant.

Q. I like that. You were tied, and you Na Rin, at the 12th hole, and then it seem you just put the foot on the gas to bring to home. What was the last couple holes like for you?

JENNY SHIN: That really tight birdie I made helped, and then coming down the stretch they're really difficult golf holes. The wind is swirling. You got to play the right shots.

I feel like I've played here so many times that I really know the golf course a little bit. I took that to my advantage. And, I don't know, she didn't really like keep up the play that she had on the front nine.

I wasn't making any mistakes and I think that really got her, so, yeah.

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