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May 24, 2023

Drew Kittleson

Drew Stoltz

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA

Kiawah Island Club (Cassique)

Quick Quotes

Q. Another great week, just ends up one match short.

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, tough day. Tough day. Didn't really make that many putts in the afternoon match. Just came up short. I don't really know what else to say. Had a great time, great venue, course is awesome, USGA was great, volunteers were awesome. Partner was awesome. Just didn't make enough on the last, I guess.

Q. In four-ball you know it's got to be a birdie fest to win and I think you only had three today. Was it a matter of just out of energy or just a long day or -- you had to grind through a tough one this morning?

DREW STOLTZ: I think we ended up with four on the day but two of them overlapped. You need a little ham-and-egg in this game, and I feel like today both of us made a ton of pars and we made birdies, a couple on the same hole. He had one here, I had one on 9 to get us back to square, but it's like, we had our chances. I had a ton of good looks on the front nine, didn't make any. I feel like the good looks they had, they made, and that's what it comes down to in this thing. It's going to come down to a handful of 10-footers and the team in a makes them normally wins and that's what happened today.

Q. You hit some unbelievable shots this week, and on this hole this morning --

DREW KITTLESON: It was all good.

Q. Comeback against the kids from Tennessee.

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, I hit some good shots. It was a great week. Loved being here. Unfortunate to come up short. My third USGA runner-up.

DREW STOLTZ: That's what makes it even suckier is --

DREW KITTLESON: I'd rather have lost --

DREW STOLTZ: Last year we were close. We had a lead -- I don't know if it's at this point after two of them would you rather just dip out in stroke play or would you rather get your hopes up and then come up short again, but we had a hell of a week. This is one of my best friends on the planet. There's no other dude I'd want to go to war with. He hit some unbelievable shots, and yeah, maybe today was just a case of running out of gas. But for whatever reason they didn't fall for us.

Q. You guys don't play many events where there's this much golf in such a short amount of time?

DREW KITTLESON: Yeah, that's what we were joking about.

DREW STOLTZ: We play one.

DREW KITTLESON: We were just joking like these guys play golf every day. They're like college kids. Their only job is to play golf. We have a family, we have jobs, we never practice or anything. So it's like, there's a little bit of that, too. We're a true Mid-Am. We're not the fake Mid-Am that pretends to have a job, we're an actual Mid-Am.

DREW STOLTZ: Any multiday event we play in involves riding in carts, drinking and listening to music, I'll tell you that, so not a lot of things like that.

Q. Next year it's at Philly Cricket Club.

DREW KITTLESON: What do you mean we're exempt for another year?

Q. You get three years for being the runner-up so now another runner-up finish gets you another year.

DREW KITTLESON: Where is the next one?

Q. Next one is Philly Cricket. They haven't announced 25 yet.

DREW STOLTZ: Philly Cricket, I've never been up there. I've heard great things about that golf course, and quite frankly northeast golf is my favorite type of golf in the world. Maybe next year will be the year we get it done, so we'll keep hanging out, playing when we can, and gear up for another run next year, hopefully get it done.

Q. It's still fun, you guys are out here playing golf?

DREW STOLTZ: We talked about that on the first tee the other day, if we lose, we go home, we go back to work, we go back to changing diapers. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but playing golf is better.

Q. How many kids you got?

DREW STOLTZ: I've got two.

DREW KITTLESON: I've got one.

Q. How old are your kids?

DREW STOLTZ: I've got an almost four and a one.


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