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May 24, 2023

Muni He

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here one of this week's sponsor invites, Muni He. Being able to go out against a friend like Danielle, what was day one like for you?

MUNI HE: Hot, really hot. But, you know, I'm just glad that today was done and over with, and going up against Danielle, a great friend of mine, a great player, and also with this being her home course it was kind of like, well, you know, go out there, play your best golf, and just see what happens.

Q. What was the mentality and prep like for not only this event, but for this day in general knowing you were going up against Danielle?

MUNI HE: Yeah, for sure. My coach is based out of Vegas now so I started working with Drew Steckel this year. I've been coming out to Vegas quite a bit, so had the chance to play Shadow Creek a few times this year.

Drew was out here with me Saturday and we played a practice round, and just really trying to stay relaxed and out of the sun. It's so hot.

Q. When is the last time you played match play?

MUNI HE: NCAA. East Lake Cup.

Q. Yeah.

MUNI HE: Yeah. So it's been a while.

Match play always brings a different type of energy and it's a lot of fun.

Q. What was it like preparing just in general, switching what we usually do week to week to a match play event of this caliber?

MUNI HE: I think it's relatively similar. Not too much different.

Obviously you got to be prepared to play seven rounds. It's no longer just four. Yeah, so take it slow, one day at a time. In match play you never know what's going to happen.

Q. We've been asking everyone that's been coming in, these finishing holes are unlike anything else. We have seen a lot get to those classic finishing holes. What were those the last few holes like for you and what were you feeling in those moments?

MUNI HE: Yeah, they were all pretty challenging, especially with the pin positions, and the greens are super firm.

So coming into it, a lot of the times you might short-side yourself because you can't land it short. There is bunkers, water. If you land it on the green it rolls all the way into the back rough, which can be very sticky.

I think a lot of it is try to play smart, safe, but at the same time, realize if it's tough for you, it's tough for your opponent as well.

Q. To be ironic a little, any guilt about beating Danielle on her home course?

MUNI HE: No guilt. I know she can go out there and put up honestly just a normal round for her and that would be good enough to win. She played great. She had a few rough holes but still did great today.

It's always fun being grouped together with her. It actually happens more often than anyone else, like anyone else on tour, so it's a lot of fun.


Q. Is your plan now to go out and beat Alison, another Las Vegas person tomorrow?

MUNI HE: I know, when I saw my grouping I was like what are the chances? Someone must hate me. We only have a handful of girls that live out here in Vegas and you got Danielle and Alison, two of them.

So Alison is also extremely nice, friendly, so we'll just go out and see what happens tomorrow, yeah.

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