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May 24, 2023

Eun-Hee Ji

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Shadow Creek

Quick Quotes

Q. Here with Eun-Hee Ji defending her championship. Off to a great start. Walk me through today's match.

EUN-HEE JI: So I didn't have the best shot today, but I think luck came with it.

You know, I don't think my opponent had the best day either, so that helped ease the process a little bit.

Q. After that par on the second hole, you took the lead and you never looked back. How much does that do confidence-wise for just pool play in general?

EUN-HEE JI: When I have the lead in the beginning, I think I can -- like definitely don't lose the lead. So even though I didn't have the best shot today, I did my best to get a save.

My opponent Matilda in other holes -- caught up in other holes, but I tried to play as confident as I can. The hole positions today were pretty difficult, but I tried to use that to the best advantage that I could.

Q. Shadow Creek is bringing out some great game in you. How comfortable do you feel on this golf course especially as it pertains to match play in general?

EUN-HEE JI: Shadow Creek definitely isn't an easy course. Every hole is very complicated so you have to think a lot about that.

Last year obviously played well, so looking at the hole positions I have an idea of where to go and there is definitely positives and -- advantages and disadvantages to it.

Q. Do you think anything feels different about the course than last year or are there any changes that you've noticed?

EUN-HEE JI: Not much difference from last year. I felt like it was is difficult course last year, too. When I played in the pro-am yesterday I wasn't as focused as I was today. I was a little bit surprised at the hole positions on a couple holes, so I had a little bit of like nervousness/anxiety when I was playing today.

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