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May 23, 2023

Carter Loflin

Wells Williams

Kiawah Island, South Carolina, USA

Kiawah Island Club (Cassique)

Quick Quotes

Q. You guys are back in the semifinals like you were last year. How do you think you guys will handle that this time around?

WELLS WILLIAMS: Oh, man, I think kind of what we been saying all week. We're just going to go back to it. One foot in front of the other has been our motto. I mean, we were there last year, and not that that means we're experienced Four-Ball final match play players, but I don't know, I think we're just going to kind of do the same thing; see where it goes.

Q. Carter, how about you? Any thoughts this time around? You guys are a year older.

CARTER LOFLIN: Get some more sleep. (Laughter.) That's about it.

WELLS WILLIAMS: My feet are sore.

CARTER LOFLIN: Yeah, I did the old sock switcharoo after 18 holes, which was clutch, because my feet were starting to burn a little bit.

But, I think tomorrow just more of the same. If it's anything like it was today, just very windy and blustery, then it's just another thing. Just keeping two balls in play and supporting each other and being positive pretty much.

Q. Yeah. You guys are two nail biters, not one today, 20 and 18. Start with the 20 hole. Who made the putt?

CARTER LOFLIN: I did for the 20 holer.


Q. Distance?

CARTER LOFLIN: It was probably about eight feet or so maybe. We got to No. 2, and, I mean, that hole is playing so much differently today than it did in stroke play. It's really played that way the past couple days, but, I mean, you're hitting it -- I hit a really, really good drive out there and there was just no chance I was getting to the green, like ever.

But hit like a 6-iron up there and wedged up to eight feet and made it.

Yeah, that one was -- those kids were tough. They were really good. They were extremely good partners. If one was out of a hole, somebody was hitting it close. So they were fighters for sure.

Q. These kids you played this afternoon, the one kid just turned 16. He's in the class of '26.


Q. Blades.

WELLS WILLIAMS: We didn't play them.

CARTER LOFLIN: We played Sides and Kingsland.

Q. Oh, that was yesterday. Sorry. They were quarterfinalists from last year.

WELLS WILLIAMS: They were good. They were solid.

CARTER LOFLIN: We have lots of experience with those T-Cats, so we knew what we were getting into beginning of the day.

Q. Because you guys had seen them in college?

CARTER LOFLIN: I saw them a couple times this year. I think we saw them this Vegas. We played a lot of junior golf with them and been friends with those two guys for a long time.

It was fun get to go play them, but obviously also knew that we had to play our own good golf or they were going to kill us.

WELLS WILLIAMS: Yeah, after that first round I kind of -- Carter kind of made that putt on the 20th hole, and I literally don't know if I made a birdie in the first round. Kind of did a little wash-off shot-a-rooski action after the round, and got on the first few holes -- I think we were 1-down through 3, but could have been 2-down.

I think they missed a short putt on 3 or 4, but they were flagging it. Every shot they hit was down the flag.

I was like, oh, God.

Q. (Wind) Pretty tight.

CARTER LOFLIN: Wells made a clutch birdie on 17.

Q. Yeah. Other than the first round, a couple of tight matches, versus the other co-medalists. They've been cruising.

CARTER LOFLIN: Yeah, there is no ducks out here. Everybody is playing good golf at this stage.

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