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June 29, 2005

Feliciano Lopez


THE MODERATOR: Feliciano LĂłpez for you.

Q. What was your impression of Lleyton's serve today?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Quite good, no (smiling)? Don't you think? No, I think he played great match. Especially he was serving unbelievable. Not that much at the beginning of the match when he was a little bit more nervous. But after he won the first set, I think he start serving unbelievable. He didn't give me any chance.

Q. Did you expect his serve to be that way?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: I know he's a quite good serve, but not as he did today. He did I think so good.

Q. Do you have any regrets about your performance today or was there nothing you could do?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Well, I get a chance in the first set, no? I made the break. This is the only chance I get in the whole match. So once I didn't get this one, he didn't give me any other chance during the second and third set.

Q. So failing to take that opportunity, did that hurt you psychologically?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: No, not at all. I was trying to play my best tennis in the second set, and even in the third set. But the point is that with these guys like Lleyton and the best players in the world, you don't get the opportunity. They don't give you any other one.

Q. When it's tight or into a tiebreak, what is the toughest thing about playing Hewitt?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: You mean in the tiebreak?

Q. Late in the set, deciding couple of games, what is the toughest thing about playing Lleyton?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Well, Lleyton is a big player, no? He's doing everything -- everything he's doing he's doing good, no? He was serving very good. But for sure one of the best things he's doing is the return, and he's not missing like unforced errors, no? I think he did 12 in the whole match. This is one interesting thing to see.

Q. How does that affect your game? Does it wear you down mentally?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: No, no. I mean, I just try to play my tennis, no way of tennis he's doing. But, you know, Lleyton today, he was playing great, that's all. He was playing a fantastic match. I think especially when he was serving.

Q. What sort of a chance would you give him playing the way he did today against Roger?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Well, for sure he will get a chance, no? But Roger is another level. It's not me. But, you know, the last matches they play, Roger beat him quite easy, no? But this is probably one thing you have to remember. But I don't know if Lleyton still playing the same level, he will get a chance, I think.

Q. Were you nervous today walking out onto Centre Court for the first time?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Well, a little bit, no? It's a nice, nice day for me to play in Centre Court in Wimbledon for the first time. But I think I started the match quite good, no? I didn't feel like nervous. The nerves, they didn't let me play bad.

Q. Is it the nicest court you ever played on?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: Sure, definitely. Yeah, Centre Court here is something special, no?

Q. You showed us some very fine tennis over the tournament. Do you think you could keep that going, playing serve and volley at Flushing Meadows?

FELICIANO LĂ“PEZ: I'll try. I will try, definitely. I think this is the way I have to play, so I will try to play this way in the other tournaments.

End of FastScripts….

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