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May 21, 2023

Gabe Vincent

Miami Heat

Game 3: Postgame

Miami Heat 128, Boston Celtics 102

Q. Gabe, obviously when a team loses two at home, you knew they were going to get their best shot, and it didn't look like there was much of a shot from them. How rewarding is it, and are you guys in anyway surprised that this one played out the way it did?

GABE VINCENT: I don't know if "surprised" is the word. I mean, we played well tonight. We defended. We made shots. We forced them into turnovers, and it's just great to be home. I think we rode the momentum of our crowd, as well.

Q. When it comes to just the dialogue that you and Spo have as a coach and player, off the court and just obviously during the game, can you. in the short time, describe some of that a bit?

GABE VINCENT: I mean, well, shorthand, a lot of it is basketball related, whether it's where we are trying to get the ball, what set we are going to run; if he sees something he wants me to do or even just share with somebody else, if he can't -- if Bam can't hear him down the court, he needs me to tell Bam something. I just try to be a voice for him on the court if there's something that he needs me to relay, and we just go from there.

Q. You had a lot of success with your pull-up shooting tonight. When you're coming off the pick-and-roll and the big is in the drop, Spo mentioned how he needs you to be assertive looking at the rim. What is your decision-making process in that situation in terms of, I'm going to go for the shot or I'm going to get my teammates involved? How does that work for you typically?

GABE VINCENT: Yeah, for me personally, a lot of it is just the flow of the game. If there's another guy that has a hot hand, maybe we'll try to manipulate the pick-and-roll some way to find him. But my teammates tell me time and time again to come off the pick-and-roll and be aggressive, and then make reads from there. When they are giving me that confidence and I see a couple go in, I'll definitely continue to be aggressive.

Q. Spo has been consistent throughout the regular season, even when shots weren't falling team-wide that you guys were building something on offense. What was the process like of building even through the failures of the regular season, and how has the offense set you up for success in the postseason?

GABE VINCENT: I would say the process was painful at times and rewarding at others. But definitely right now, it's rewarding. It's paid off. We've put in a lot of work. It's been a long season and we are just playing good basketball at the best time.

Q. Spo mentioned you having Jimmy Butler and Bam as kind of role models when you entered the league. Is there anything specific that you have been able to take away from them and maybe even involve in your game on the court, maybe more an off the court kind of thing? Is there anything specific that you can speak about what you've taken from those guys?

GABE VINCENT: I wouldn't say anything too specific but their approach, I think their approach to the game, the way they compete. We have seen them both when they get in their mode and how they find ways to continue to stay in it or get back into it night-in, night-out. Watching them up close my first year in the bubble, seeing the way they competed during that run was huge for me. It was motivation for me. It was just inspiring to see them go out there and go that hard every night. Now playing, I know how exhausted they were, and doing it time and time again, it's inspiring, and they will continue to lead us and we will continue to follow.

Q. You got to the Heat as more of a 2-guard and they developed your point guard skills. How much of the circumstances, the injuries, brought out more of the scoring ability and playing that role?

GABE VINCENT: You never know when or where your opportunity will come. All you can try to do is try to be ready for it, whether it's work in the dark or film, just trying to stay prepared, knowing that there's other facets of my game that I may not have been able to show at this level based on the opportunity provided, and when it was, I just try to take advantage and most importantly help my team win.

Q. You've gone through a lot of tough matchups throughout these playoffs having to guard certain guards on each of these teams. How much easier is it to make it for you, when Jimmy and Bam always seem to be helpers for you? What's the trust level to make that easy for you defensively?

GABE VINCENT: Yeah, well, Jimmy and Bam, when they are off the ball, they are great defensively, especially, the way they can lurk and get in passing lanes or meet a guy when he gets to the rim.

But the way we defend, it is all five. It's not just those two guys helping me. It's Max shrinking up the corner or Duncan rotating, or Kyle telling me there's a screen off the ball, or Caleb coming and doubling. We have a number of guys that are just competing at a high level talking, running around, scrambling.

So you know, we are playing great but definitely Bam and Jimmy lead the way with that, no question about it.

Q. I remember speaking with you during Media Day and the first thing you talked about was the disappointing way last season ended and you talked about that being a driving force for you. Is that something that we can use to explain that incredible playoff run?

GABE VINCENT: You could, and I'm sure you guys will at some point. We just want to win. Our goal has never changed. Ups and downs, year-in, year-out, the Miami Heat are trying to compete for a title, and this year is no different.

Q. Spo mentioned that, hey, Gabe had a big game tonight but we felt like he was just as impactful in Game 2 with only four points; and he phrased it as emotional stability, being able to stay committed, regardless of what your stat line or shots looked like. What's the key to you for having that emotional stability regardless whether you're making, taking shots or whatever, finding a way to still be impactful?

GABE VINCENT: It's important for me to be where my feet are and be as present as possible, whether it's a bad first half or a turnover, just having a next-play mentality, and just focusing on this next possession; how can I help my team win this next possession or this next play and continue to find ways to help my team.

Q. You weren't the favorites to win this series and now are one step to making the Finals. What is the mentality for the next game?

GABE VINCENT: The next game, the mentality is to come out and compete at a high level, defend, try to make the right read every time offensively and just play good basketball. It's the first to four games. We are not satisfied with three. It's great to be at home and we are looking forward to playing in front of our fans again.

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