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May 21, 2023

Jon Rahm

Rochester, New York, USA

Oak Hill Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you rank them in terms of other championship courses you've played? Just the bunkering in general, because he talked about really deepening these.

JON RAHM: Yeah, yeah. You know, they're different on each hole. Rarely you're going to go into a fairway bunker and have a shot to the green, rarely.

Q. Which is rare in America; right?

JON RAHM: It's about as close to Oakmont as I have ever seen, and Oakmont could be the most penalizing fairway bunkers I've ever seen.

Q. So Oakmont and this one?

JON RAHM: Yeah. It's same with the green side bunkers. It's just vertical walls and then flat.

Q. A good, fair test, or is it excessive in your mind?

JON RAHM: I thought it was fair. I thought it was very fair.

Q. That kind of bunkering is fair for you guys?

JON RAHM: It's a bunker. It's a hazard, period. It shouldn't be there. It is what it is.

You can get a better lie or a worse lie, but I don't think it should be every time we play it should be a flat one where you have a perfect shot to the green. That's just not what it is, especially when you come to a golf course like this one.

Q. You have the skill now; especially with 64, you can get out?

JON RAHM: On the green, yeah, but it depends where you go. Sometimes you just give away the chance of hitting it close. A lot of times, a lot of lot of times for the most part, those fairway bunkers on par-4s are pretty much -- not a stroke penalty, but they could be a stroke penalty.

Q. What could you learn or what will you take away from this week?

JON RAHM: It's too early to ask me that right now. I just finished. It's too early to be thinking about it.

There's always a positive, though. There's always a positive, but I'll think about it tonight or tomorrow and kind of reflect on the tournament. There's always something to learn, though.

Q. How about the golf course itself? What did you feel -- this is your first time here playing a major. What did you feel about this as a test in general?

JON RAHM: I know what I said about 11 on Friday, but that was more the pin location than anything else. I think it's extremely difficult, but it is fair.

I mean, if you hit the shot, you are going to get rewarded. The greens, they have slope to them, but none of them are a crazy slope. If you hit it to the center of the green on every hole, you're going to have a good chance; right?

A lot of times if you miss the fairway, you have a chance to run it up to the green. It's doable. It's just difficult. You have to play incredible golf.

Q. One last thing that you were saying in Spanish. This week has been a humbling week for a lot of people, not just you.

JON RAHM: No, it's golf. When you think, oh, I got this, it kicks you in the mouth, and you have to start over again. It happens to everybody.

Again, it wasn't my best week, but I don't think it was terrible either. I think I could have -- it kind of reminds me of how I did at Arnold Palmer.

Obviously, this is a terrible setup and exposes a lot of your weaknesses. Some other tournaments we play throughout the year I think I could have snuck out a really good finish. Just not out here.

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