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May 21, 2023

Kurt Kitayama

Rochester, New York, USA

Oak Hill Country Club

Flash Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Kurt Kitayama joins us now at the 105th PGA Championship.

A 5-under 65 for you today. What was working out there for you?

KURT KITAYAMA: Started making more putts, I think. I felt like I was -- like I got myself in the fairway. I was able to attack and felt like I really putted well today.

Q. You played nicely on some tough tests. Could you speak to the quality of the golf today to shoot that number here?

KURT KITAYAMA: Yeah, I'm really pleased with how well I played. I think to get around here, you have to feel like you're in control of the golf ball, and that's kind of what I felt like when I had a good number.

You know, my irons really performed this week. Really hit it well. When I was able to get myself in the fairway, I was able to hit some really good shots.

Q. So can you take us a little bit through the week and the conditions? We haven't talked about this with you, but it's been a struggle, and it got tougher and maybe today was a little better.

KURT KITAYAMA: Yeah, I mean, start of the week, it looked like it was going to be a really firm course and going to play really tough. Even when it softened up, the rain didn't let up at all Saturday and still played tough.

Today, the conditions have been different every day, it seems like. But it's still a hard course no matter what happens with the weather. Maybe just with the greens soft today, I noticed a few more low scores, but still nothing crazy low.

Q. On a Monday after Arnold Palmer, like a Monday after this week, do you analyze and think what is going on with your game now that puts you in this position?

KURT KITAYAMA: You kind of find what worked well and use that moving forward. That's how you look at it.

Q. Do you look back at where you came from, going through Europe and all the different tours? When you are here, does it make you look back; and when you look back, are you afraid of going back to that, or do you think it builds up a little bit?

KURT KITAYAMA: I think you kind of just use that, you know, to kind of bring you back down to a grounded level, I guess. Like, oh, you came all the way from the Korn Ferry to Asia to Europe and now here. It's just kind of cool to reflect on.

Q. This was the fourth 65 we've seen today. To follow up on a previous question: Were these the conditions weather-wise where you and your fellow competitors felt like this was the day to score?

KURT KITAYAMA: Yeah, definitely, because with the softening up, with some of the doglegs you don't just run through. It's easier to hit the fairway. You felt like you could probably attack a little more today.

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