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May 20, 2023

Brooks Koepka

Rochester, New York, USA

Oak Hill Country Club

Flash Quotes

Q. Good you got that putter on track in the second nine, what did that feel like for you?

BROOKS KOEPKA: It felt good. Felt like it was a bit more aggressive today. Especially in the back nine and putts started banging in the back of the hole, especially the one on 17, that doesn't go in, that's probably six, eight feet by.

But it's tough, man, with the rain. Moisture on the greens, slowing them up. But I felt like I was a lot more aggressive than I was the previous two days on the greens.

Q. The roar on 17 when you made that putt, I go back to Bethpage when you won there, do you feel like you get any home crowd advantage or more love from this crowd?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I love New York. It's always fun. Like I said, you do something really well, they are going to let you know; and if you do something pretty poor, they are going to let you know, and I just love that. I love when the fans are on you, cheering for you, or you know, giving you crap if you screw up. That's the beauty of it. You want that, or at least I want that atmosphere.

Q. How much after all you've been through in recent years, your last major tight until 2019, overcoming the injuries, how much would another major title mean to you at this point in your career?

BROOKS KOEPKA: It would mean a lot. I think a major championship would mean a lot to anybody.

So yeah, to win one would be fantastic. I mean, I was just told that I think only Tiger and Jack have won three, so that would be pretty special to be in a list or category with them. Just got to go out and go play good tomorrow.

Q. You were playing sensational golf this afternoon. Was there fun, enjoyment?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I enjoy that all the time. I enjoy, the crowd was super energetic. Our pairing probably had something to do that as well. It was great. I loved it. I felt like they were behind me. Any time you do something good, it's fun to see.

Q. How did the pairing go, as you referenced it?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I mean, I shot 4-under, so you tell me.

Q. A lot of things that were water under the bridge, but was there anything different playing in a major in one of the last groups with Bryson?

BROOKS KOEPKA: No. What, we were third-to-last group in a major championship. I'll be honest with you, I don't pay too much attention to who I'm playing with. I don't talk a lot. I'm more focused on what I've got to do. Especially today with the rain, trying to stay dry, there's a lot more other things to have to worry about.

Q. Are you chattier in earlier rounds, or does it gear up as the week goes on or not really ever?

BROOKS KOEPKA: No, I don't really talk much during my whole round, ever. So I'm pretty focused on what I've got to do. I'd say I probably talk even less on major championship weeks.

Q. Given where you were a year ago, or even six months ago, could you have seen this coming the way you performed in two majors in a row now, obviously putting yourself right there both times?

BROOKS KOEPKA: Yeah, I thought all I had to do was be healthy. That was just the only question mark. But you know, having an off-season to kind of just bust my butt and be in the gym every day, to working on things, doing different -- doing different recovery, it's been -- it's been really good.

I mean, for, what, a year and a half, I had swelling in there but now it starts to look like a real knee, or as good as it's going to look.

Yeah, I'm super pleased with it.

Q. Was the win in Jeddah, did that help prepare you, or did you still need the off-season to get that confidence back to where it is?

BROOKS KOEPKA: I think everyone misconstrues the confidence for just the injury. You ask any athlete if they are hurt, and they can't do something. I mean, imagine if you can't get out of bed or can't walk. You've got a pebble in your shoe, you kind of start to adjust, and that's the thing. I just got into bad habits. It's tough. You can't play. I came back too soon and played for too long. But look, I moved on from that now, so I'm pretty pleased.

Q. Were there any particular fan comments that stood out to you today? I know we heard a lot of Blake of the year stuff?

BROOKS KOEPKA: No, that's always a good one. I always like getting that one. No, I didn't hear any good chirps, nothing creative. A lot of it's repetitive honestly. I'm not trying to dog the fans, but I enjoy when they are creative, when there's something funny that they say. Usually that's the one that kind of sticks out.

Honestly it's hard to hear. The umbrella, you could barely, barely hear anything. So it was tough, and everybody's got their hands tied.

Q. You said it took you a couple days to digest what happened at Augusta. What were some of the main lessons that you took away from that experience?

BROOKS KOEPKA: To just never think the way I thought going into the final round. I think that was a big thing for me but other than that I think even having -- learning what I learned at Augusta kind of helped today. Like I said, I won't do it again the rest of my career. But that doesn't mean that you can't go play bad -- you can play good, you'll play bad but I'll never have that mindset or that won't ever be the reason.

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