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May 20, 2023

Jordan Spieth

Rochester, New York, USA

Oak Hill Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. What challenges did the playability present today? I know Oak Hill has presented a lot of challenges this week, I feel like we have seen all four seasons here. What kind of challenges did the playability today, what did it present for you?

JORDAN SPIETH: It's just really difficult to keep everything dry, and so it starts with a grip, and then from there, if you get water on the ball or the driver face, the ball can really go anywhere.

You have to do a good job of -- it's just a different kind of routine, right. I was holding my driver face down as I was getting ready to hit, and I would set up and hit it pretty quickly. That really helped.

I drove the ball well. It seemed like it was coming off pretty normal where there was two drives I think I hit -- where right when I hit them, I looked up and I was like, oh, man, that's a water shooter. You just have to be so accurate off the tee here, and the rain makes it more difficult to be accurate.

Q. Last thing would be how has your wrist impacted the week for you, whether it's what you have to do after a round or before a round or changing golf shots during?

JORDAN SPIETH: I'm doing, obviously, a lot of recovery that I've been doing every day for the last, well, I guess eight days now since I injured it -- no, sorry, 14 days now.

But on course, there's been a couple scenarios where I bailed out of a couple shots that if it weren't a factor, I wouldn't have, and unfortunately those shots did affect my score. I was hoping that wouldn't be the case here but it's only been a couple times.

My normal swings, it's not an issue. It's just when you start getting bunker lips and stuff like that, and you've got to really flick under a flop shot or a bunker shot, I had that today where I just don't have the confidence in it not making it worse, so I just bail a little bit. I probably cost myself a few shots on that. But coming in, I kind of figured that might be the case.

So like I just said over there, it's nothing -- nothing major, but it's significant enough that I would have liked to have had two or three weeks off before this event just to feel like I got prepared. It wasn't really a wrist thing as much it was just a lack of preparation.

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