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May 2, 2023

Klay Thompson

San Francisco, California, USA

Media Conference

Q. After the Kings series, different opponent, pretty quickly to turn around and play the Lakers, what was that like to go through?

KLAY THOMPSON: It was a quick turnaround but can't dwell on it because we got a really about team over there, and they do things differently than the Kings. Present some big challenges and saw that tonight.

So the morale is not low. We know we let one slip away but we have an opportunity to watch the film tomorrow and see how we can attack them better.

Q. Steve was saying before the game that obviously the interior defense of L.A. is much different from that of the Kings. How much of that is Anthony Davis and how much of that is just the guys that surround him in the paint area?

KLAY THOMPSON: I mean a lot of it is Anthony Davis. I think he's averaging four blocks a game during these playoffs. It's our job to hunt great shots. I thought we got some really good looks tonight especially for myself. Didn't go in the way I wanted them to especially in the first half.

Like I said before, it's one game, and we have another opportunity to even it out on Thursday.

Q. What do you do to control the foul trouble that you guys had for Game 2?

KLAY THOMPSON: Just continue to make a mental note and be mindful that this team thrives at going to the free throw line and I think they would rather play a slower pace than getting up and down with us.

So we have to be more mindful come Game 2 about playing with our hands back and living with the shots they take rather than trying to be aggressive and swiping at everything.

Q. What did you think about Jordan in this game after last series?

KLAY THOMPSON: He played great. He kept us in it. He gave us huge spark off the bench. Played fantastic. I know he's always going to bounce back, and he played just wonderful.

Q. What do you think got your -- you were down 12, whatever it was and come back to tie it. You went small. What do you think was the direction that you were able to get -- let me phrase that correctly. How were you able to do that?

KLAY THOMPSON: Just being gritty on defense. Steph made some incredible shots. So did Jordan. But that was an incredible effort on our part. We still have another level to reach for myself individually, I know I do. So there's no time to dwell on the unfortunate events tonight because we play every other day at this point.

Q. Your 2 big lineup with Looney and Draymond, obviously the numbers over the course of the season and the history remained good, but I know especially this team -- what is the key when they are both on the floor and having the spacing that gets you guys the points that you need?

KLAY THOMPSON: I mean, I love the looks I got the first half, even the second half, maybe rushed a few shots. But for us, when we are big out there, it's just about being a little more patient and using those guys as screeners and they are great at diving and playing out the pick-and-roll or the screens, not in the ball screen action.

So for us, I mean, it's hard for me even to expand on that because I've got to watch the film. When we watch the film tomorrow, we'll have a much better game plan come Thursday.

Q. During the playoffs, every player takes their game up a botch but Kevon Looney, what he's been doing so far, 23 rebounds; what do you think about the way he's been aggressive?

KLAY THOMPSON: Kevon has been an anchor for us, and he's such a steady presence. We would not be in the position we are in right now without him, so grateful for Loon's effort and his commitment to the game. He is a warrior, true definition of a warrior, just his style of play and his tenacity, especially on the boards.

Q. You had some pretty good success with driving and kicking the last few games and tonight, I'm thinking of the one play in particular, where you drove and you had the behind-the-back pass to GP it was, I think. Can you attack AD or anybody in the paint when you have sort of like someone that's an outlet for you there?

KLAY THOMPSON: Yeah, absolutely. I probably can make more plays come Game 2. But this was a completely different look than the Kings. So we got to definitely trust our ball movement a little more. I mean, 36 is good, but we can do even better. And I just know we'll be better Thursday. Like we always respond when we have a tough night out.

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