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April 22, 2023

Ashleigh Buhai

The Woodlands, Texas, USA

The Club at Carlton Woods

Quick Quotes

Q. Tell us about the round. Some spectacular play today.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, obviously really happy with how I played today. The first two days were very frustrating for me. I hit my irons very poorly. Then was kind of looking back through old swings last night and sent swings to my coach from the British Open, from Muirfield, and we picked something up and had a quick FaceTime lesson this morning, and obviously it paid off.

Q. Which swings or which holes or what were the best memories that you used?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: It was more just trying to recreate a feeling that I had, kind of was losing the club face, so I was just trying to keep the face throughout my swing by keeping my wrist in a certain angle, and then that was just able to free me up. I always find I play well when I just have one swing thought and that's all I tried doing was repeat. That varies from time to time. It was a different thing a few weeks ago and just needed to find that one swing thought this week, and today it clicked.

Q. It happens a lot when a player gets the same feelings that they got in a major where they did well, that they do very well again. Are you getting that feeling now?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Well, I thought I was able to recreate the feeling. I can't say it was the same feelings at Muirfield, but we tried to get my swing in the same position to get that, so it was a completely different feeling to what happened at Muirfield, but what I tried to do to square the club face up got me the results I needed to get.

Q. When you got on the range this morning, did it just click, just like that?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Not straight away, but probably 20 balls in, and that's why my coach is so good. He's just like, just stay patient, just let it come to you, have this feeling, just keep running it, and eventually the more you hit, the more swings you make, the easier it becomes to try to keep that feeling.

Q. Your scoring today on a day when the wind is up, the pin positions are tricky. It's a fantastic round. You must be feeling incredibly confident ahead of tomorrow.

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, I think the more you get to play this course, you more comfortable you become. I putted really well the last two days to keep me in it to get me to the weekend, and today I hit greens and holed the putts. The first two days, I think I hit eight the first day and nine the second, and today I only missed three or four. I knew if I could hit the greens, I could give myself a chance to hole a few putts.

Q. Do you have a favorite hole or a hole that you fear?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: 5 hasn't been too kind to me -- no, 4 hasn't been too kind to me, unfortunately, but I do like the way it sets up, especially off the tee. I like to shape the ball and particularly left to right, and this course is a lot better on my eye than Mission Hills used to be for sure. That was very much a drawer's golf course. I very much like the way this golf courses on my eye.

Q. Well, in terms of the course layout, yes. In terms of the history, maybe no, but we're creating new history here, and hopefully this becomes a new home for a long time.

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