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November 19, 2005

Gaston Gaudio


THE MODERATOR: Questions in English or Chinese.

Q. Are you a bit embarrassed or you were injured or what?

GASTON GAUDIO: No, no excuse. I think that I was playing against a guy who is the best in history in a surface that he is so much better than me. There's not much to say. I think the match was easier that I was expecting. Sometimes, once in a life it happens, and it happens to me today. Of course, I'm sad about it, I'm so disappointed. But what can I do? It happens in life. There are things a little bit worse than this sometimes in life. I don't do anything else.

Q. Is that your worst experience on a tennis court?

GASTON GAUDIO: No. Losing a semifinal of a Masters Cup, I think that is not the worst experience for no one. Maybe if I'm talking about the match, maybe yes. But I was in the semifinals, you know. Yesterday I play an unbelievable match. I ran too much. I was a little bit tired. And then I was playing today against the best player in history I guess.

Q. You were very quick off your chair a couple times after the changeover. Did you just want to get off the court?

GASTON GAUDIO: Yeah. Actually, yes.

Q. Had you ever lost 6-0, 6-0 before in your career, do you remember?

GASTON GAUDIO: No, I don't think so, no.

Q. You made the comment yesterday that I'm sure some of us can relate to at times, that some days we don't want to be at work. Was today one of those days?

GASTON GAUDIO: I think so, yeah (smiling). I prefer not to be here today, but...

Q. Were you thinking that before the match, though?

GASTON GAUDIO: No, not before the match. Before the match, I was thinking that I can do a little bit better, but I couldn't.

Q. It sounds almost like you were beaten before the match. Is that the case?

GASTON GAUDIO: Well, most of the players in the ATP, they're beaten before the match against him.

Q. What do you think is maybe the secret to trying to beat a player like Federer?

GASTON GAUDIO: I think that I'm not the one that have to answer this. You should ask to someone else, not me.

Q. You also had a lot of double-faults today, which is unusual. This was your own shot, nothing to do with Federer. How do you explain it? Was it just because of yesterday?

GASTON GAUDIO: No, today I think that I was serving bad, hitting the forehand bad, backhand bad. Everything was bad today. The first time that I make so many double-faults in a match. It's not usual for me. I don't know. I think that today everything was bad.

Q. At least the crowd were a little bit more generous at the end than they were to you in Paris. Were you pleased about that?

GASTON GAUDIO: Yeah, of course. The crowd was unbelievable during the whole week. And today maybe I couldn't give them all the support that they give to me. But I couldn't give them the show that they were expecting. I want to apologize. I don't know, I want to say sorry to them that I couldn't give anything.

Q. Before you entered into this room, we realized that you were making a phone call. Who did you call? What did you say?

THE MODERATOR: To his girlfriend.

Q. Was it to say hello or excuse himself?


Q. Were you calling your girlfriend to say hello or I'm coming tomorrow or to excuse yourself for the match? I don't know.

GASTON GAUDIO: I don't know. I have to talk to someone and I choose her to give it (laughter).

Q. We all understand you're a little tired after yesterday's match. Is there any other reasons for today's bad performance?

GASTON GAUDIO: The reason, the main reason, I think was Roger.

Q. Now you are thinking about a vacation. Where are you going to spend your time after the match? What way?

GASTON GAUDIO: I didn't think about it. I think I'm going out with my friends tonight to celebrate the end of the year. This is the last match of the year - finally, after a long year.

Q. I would like to know, the fans supported you especially after you made double-faults. Is there anything you want to say to the fans here?

GASTON GAUDIO: Yeah, like I said before, I think they were great during the whole week. They support me so hard. I appreciate it. Just want to tell them that I would love to be back next year and I'm with them.

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