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March 24, 2023

Andrew Putnam

Austin, Texas, USA

Austin Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Andrew, just some comments on advancing to the round of 16 and how you played today.

ANDREW PUTNAM: I played great. Been playing -- I feel like I've been playing better and better each round, which is nice. Really pumped to make it through.

Q. What do you feel like has been progressing the last three days in your game?

ANDREW PUTNAM: I mean, my putting and short game is always pretty good. My ball striking just seemed to get better and better every day.

The first two days, cloudy and little drizzles, felt like home. Now the sun is shining, and it's nice out there.

Q. Do you feel like, when you're getting into these bigger events your sense of comfort is continuing to grow?

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, for sure. I feel like -- I mean, it's hard to compare to my first few years out here, how I feel.

But match play is just a whole different ballgame. The whole feel around the week is just different. Every day is like its own tournament.

It's really fun to switch it up.

Q. Do you feel like quietly you're just kind of climbing the ladder and people just maybe aren't taking notice yet?

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, that's kind of my game. It's pretty low key. I'm not one of the bombers. I'd say a good putter and wedge player isn't noticed as much as guys who are hitting 370.

But maybe that's to my advantage this week. Guys are probably frustrated when I'm 50 yards behind them and I'm hitting it in there and making putts. So it probably helps.

Q. Now that we're into the knockout stage, what's your main focus as you get into the round of 16 tomorrow?

ANDREW PUTNAM: This is only my second time in this tournament, so just see how far I can get. Hopefully just battle it out during the round. Don't have too many giveaway holes. I've done a pretty good job of that. Haven't had many bogeys. I think that's the key.

Q. Is that almost the key, not just getting birdies, but not giving your opponent the hole?

ANDREW PUTNAM: Yeah, just staying in every single hole. I think it wears down the other person when you're not making my mistakes. I think over the long haul that's just as important as making birdies.

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